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The following editorial ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Saturday, May 15, 1948.
"Last night a nation  was born. In harsh travail was it brought forth, and amidst the agonies and terrors of war. It was conceived in the cold courage of men and women  unafraid to die for the cause of  a free state  in the  hallowed land of their ancestors. Its name is Israel.

What hardship  and bloodshed  the  critical days  ahead hold for this  infant  nation we  know not. We only know that it deserves to live, and that those who cherish freedom will not allow it to die.

Israel's enemies rush to mantle  her in blood and desolation even as her flag  is first raised over Palestine's embattled plains.  But we may be sure the
Jewish people will tenaciously defend the independence they have at length gained.

Here is a great historic event,one that is an inspiration to freedom loving men everywhere. The British mandate ended, marking finis to the most tragic
failure in the long history of British empire-making. 

The circumstances of General Cunningham's unregretted departure from Jerusalem were markedly different from those surround-ing the triumphal entry
of General Allenby thirty years before.

The World thrilled then at the  retaking of  the Holy City  from the infidel Turks, just as Jews  everywhere were to take bright hope from the grant of the Palestine mandate to the British with explicit provision for a national home for the Jews.

This  is  Israel,  and  we  in  America,  whose liberties were gained for  us  only  by  sacrifice and bloodshed,  are  proud  to salute the newborn democracy. 

President ruman has  taken the proper course  in  promptly  according United  States  recognition  to  the  new state.  It  is a cause for gratification that we should be the first great Power to take this important step."
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