by Sharon Nader Sloan, WND
"Did you know that there was never any country called Palestine?  Did you know that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people?

"The ideas that the West Bank and Gaza are occupied Palestinian land, and that the Palestinian people are fighting for their land, have been accepted by most of the governments of the world and by most of the media in the world.  But if you read on, you will see that these two claims are the biggest lies ever diliberately perpetrated on humanity.

"Check out any map of the Middle East and see for yourself.  You will find Palestine listed as a region as it always has been, but definitely not a country. 
We can locate the Mojave Desert on the map, but we still do not recognize it as our 51st state, let alone a country.  Similarly, the region of Siberia is a
region not a state.  Or the Sahara is a region not a state, etc.  Neither is Palestine a state.  It never was a country, just a region.

"Importantly, the Jews did not displace anyone, because no one permanently resided there.  It was a land inhabited by nomadic, Bedouin tribes.  The
whole region was nothing but deserts and swamps.  Only about 120,000 Arabs resided in an area that covered the territories, the state of Israel and
Jordan.  When Mark Twain visited the area, he wrote he found nothing but a wasteland.

During the 19 years that the territories - including Jerusalem and Gaza - were occupied by the kingdoms of Jordan and Egypt, no one talked about a Palestinian state... not the Arab countries, not the United Nations.  Nobody asked Jordan or Egypt to abdicate their ownership and give it to the Palestinians.  Not even the Palestinians themselves said anything about a Palestinian state or a Palestinian people, because nobody heard of a Palestinian people.  It never existed.

"The fact simply is that there are no Palestinians.  These people are Arabs like all other Arabs, and they happen to live in a region called Palestine.  They are not a separate people.

"What makes a separate people?  Religion, language, culture, garb, cusine, etc.  The Arabs in Palestine speak the same language, practice the same religion, have the same culture, etc., as all the other Arabs.  The few minor differences that exist between them are like the minor differences that exist between the Welsh, the Scots, and the Londoners.  They are still all Britons.  Yankees and Southerners have the same minor differences, but they are still
all Americans.  People in the south of France are quite different from the people in the north, but they are still all French.  These inconsequential
differences do not make a people."
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