An Appeal From Our Christian Brothers And Sisters in Israel
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Tuesday was Holocaust Remembrance Day.  As the Church was silent 60 years ago, most of the church is silent today.

We are in a fight for our lives and with each passing day the world comes against us with more venom and hatred.  There is a lying spirit at work in the world and in your nation that is demonizing Israel and perversely calling Palestinian terrorists innocent victims.  We are fighting not only demonized flesh but powers and principalities, the father of lies.

The world is much more concerned with Yasser Arafat's welfare than with the 130 innocent victims of suicide bombers in March alone.  We are bleeding and yet we are accused of being the evil ones.

In the way that you express love to us, pray for us, and give to Israel and to the Body, you have shown your friendship to us.  You have repented for your people's sins against the Jewish people 60 years ago and over the past 2000 years, but what are you doing practically today to help us in this life and death battle?

We thank you for your prayers, however prayer and kind words are not enough in the desperate situation we are in today.  We need you not only to pray but to stand up, speak up, and make your voices heard in your nation.

There is an initiative in Germany for the spiritual leaders of that nation to publish a full page letter of support for Israel and calling on their government to stand with Israel in its hour of need.  We would recommend this initiative to your nation as well.  In the USA there will be a march of support for Israel in Washington, D.C. on Monday, this too is a good way to demonstarate to your government and your people where you stand.

We need your help TODAY.

At the start of our present military campaign, 31,000 reservist received what is called a "Zav Shmone".  This is an emergency mobilization order.  It does not give the reservist a week to get his house in order, but hours to report for duty in a life and death struggle.

We cannot issue you a Zav Shmone, but it is our heart's cry to you and we believe it is the L-rd's as well.

Colin Powell is on his way here to break Arafat out of his isolation and bring in international "peace keepers" to Israel.  We need your help now!

Also, as a witness to the People of Israel, they need to know that there is a people called Christians who do not hate us but are willing to stand with us in this dark hour.

Please take this appeal to heart and to the L-rd.  If He bears witness to it, do something NOW.

Eliyahu Ben-Haim, Intercessors for Israel                                      Chuck Cohen, Intercessors for Israel/Kehilat King of Kings
Daniel Yahav, Kehilat Peniel                                                         Gidon Ulmer, Kehilat Peniel
Avi Mizrachi, Kehilat Adonai Roi                                                  David Wright, Kehilat Adonai Roi
Wayne Hilsden, Kehilat King of Kings                                           Seth Ben-Haim, Kehilat King of Kings
Michael Moran, Kehilat King of Kings                                           Howard Bass, Kehilat Beersheva
Olavi Sevanto, Kehilat Beersheva                                                  Mike Cederberg, Kehilaat Beersheva
Gary Denlinger, Israel College of the Bible                                     David Boyd, Israel College of the Bible
Efraim Goldsten, Jews for Jesus                                                  Amie Klein, Emmaus Way
Rick Ridings, Succat Hallel                                                          Yossi Ovadia, Kehilat Karmiel
Art Goldberg, Kehilat Keren Yeshuah                                            Noam Hendren, Kehilat Keren Yeshuah
John Pex, Kehilat Eliat                                                                 David Stern, Kehilat El Roi
Philip Seguin Kehilat  El Roi                                                         Mark Chapinsky, Ohalai Rachamim
Gidon Shmuel, Beit Yadidiya                                                        Simha Dovidov, Trumpet of Salvation
Yaacov Damkani, Trumpet of Salvation                                        Gavnei Gefen, Kener Hashichut
Herman Hauhuastein, Kehilat Emek Yisrael                                    Ray Sanders, Christian Friends of Yisrael
Neil Cohen, Christ Church Jerusalem                                            Murray Dixon ITAC - Israel Trust of the Anglican Church
Ray Lockhart, ITAC - Israel Trust of the Anglican Church             Ray Higton, ITAC - Israel Trust of the Anglican Church
Baruch Maayan, Kehilat Brit Olam                                                Albert Nessim, Kehilat Nahariya
Shmuel Aweida, Beit Eliahu, Haifa                                                Jostein Aune, The Ebenezer Home Haifa
Zvi Randeiman, Kehilat Succat David                                           Jack Kurtz, Rehovot Messianic Fellowship
Derek Prince, Derek Prince Ministries                                          Ayal Frieden, HRTV
Joseph Shulam, Kehilah Netiviyah                                                Davis, Kehilat Ha Carmel
Peter Tsukahira, Kehilat Ha Carmel                                              [
Eva, International Wall of Prayer]
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