U.S. Secretary of  State Colin Powell said  yesterday that there  is no evidence  that IDF forces  carried out a massacre  in Jenin.  Speaking  before  the  Senate Appropriations  Foreign Operations Sub-committee,  Powell said,  "Clearly  people died  in Jenin,  people  who were  terrorists died in  Jenin  and in the (course) of that battle  innocent lives may well have been lost... Right now I've seen no evidence of mass graves and I've seen no evidence  that would  suggest a  massacre took place."   Powell based his comments on a  meeting he had with  U.S. Assistant Secretary of State William Burns, who paid a visit to Jenin after the Operation Defensive Shield battles there.

Despite Powell's comments, PLO officials continue to claim that Israel carried out a  massacre in Jenin. However, according to an 
April 22nd report  featured on CNN's  website (CNN.com),  a senior of  the Palestinian Islamic Jihad who surrendered to Israeli forces there describes  the battle as "a very hard fight" in which both sides took casualties, but said he didn't see "tens of people" killed by the Israeli army.
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