by Pastor Francis Frangipane, April 18, 2002
We are all aware of the terrible dilemma that exists in the Middle East.  Clearly, great heartache and anger exists among both Palestinians and Jews.  Yet, whatever legitimate issues that exist among the Palestinians, there is a greater darkness involved here, one which seeks to annihilate the entire Jewish population worldwide.

Beloved, there is something in G-D's heart concerning the restoration of Israel that Satan hates.  This divine purpose, in its time, will signal the end of Satan's reign on earth (see Rev. 14).  Thus, to stop G-D's purpose, the adversary has long sought to destroy both the nation of Israel and the Jewish people at large.  Indeed, throughout the ages, the Jewish people have been the target of more venom and persecution than any other people.  In the past century, Satan used Hitler's armies, more recently, the devil is using the radical views of the Islamic world.  As Christians, we have to pray.  There exists no course of action, but that we who know G-D should intercede on behalf of Israel.

Our intecession is not without great reward:  Indeed, the L-RD has put such a priority upon Israel's well-being that He promises the nation that blesses Israel, will be blessed by Him.  In other words, the destiny of our nation is intertwined with Israel's survival.

Because of this, the L-RD is asking us to turn to Him in focused prayer.  Enlist your church's prayer groups, bring intercession for Israel into your Sunday sevices, call for around the clock prayer.  Whatever way the L-RD might lead you, let us stand together, in faith, for G-D's protection over Israel.

You might also consider joining with us and Echad ministry (an international prayer ministry for Israel that is based here at River of Life Ministries).  Their goal is to offer one million hours of prayer for Israel (  Also if you would like to financially support the Messianic church in the Holy Land, you can do so through Embrace Israel (, another of our accredited ministries.
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