Letters To Leaders
[Topic on Foreign Affairs]
May 2, 2002
Subject:  Your Support of Israel is important to me.
Rep. Dan Miller (R-Fl. 13th)
       Sen. Bill Nelson

May 2, 2002

Below is the petition I have signed which asserts the absolute biblical right of the Jewish people to the Holy Land of Israel.

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the giving away of any parts of the Land of Israel to any other nation or people, for any reason whatsoever.

I request that you do whatever is in your power to ensure that the Israeli government immediately and permanently cease all negotiations with terrorists, especially those negotiations which discuss the giving away of Jewish Land.

In addition, I request that you assist and encourage the Israeli government to fulfill its obligation to fully protect the lives of its citizens
We, the undersigned, call upon every Jew, and every non-Jew who believes in the Bible; to assert the eternal G-D-given right of
the Jewish people to the Holy Land of Israel.

The Land of Israel, known to all nations as the "Promised Land", is G-D's eternal gift to the Jewish people.  Though largely ignored in contemporary analysis of the Middle East situation, this is the sole and complete justification for Jewish possession and settle-ment of the entire Land of Israel.

In addition, the biblical ancestors of the Jewish people actually purchased parts of the Holy Land, and these transactions are fully recorded in sacred literature. 
The sites they purchased happen to be the ones most contested by the Arabs:  Hebron, bought by Abraham as the burial place for the patriarchs and matriarchs (Genesis, chapter 23, verse 16);   Shechem, where Joseph is buried, bought by his father Jacob (Genesis, chapter 33, verse 19);  and Jerusalem, purchased by King David himself.

Unfortunately, the government of Israel responds to demands as if they had no real right to the land, as if their claim to it is due to the favor and largesse of others.  They claim that it is theirs because Lord Balfour of England "promised" a national homeland there; because the United Nations voted it in 1947; because of the U.N. resolution 242; because in the distant past the Jewish people once lived there; and more recently, Jews have come to resettle there once again.  But if this claim is based solely on the vote of the United Nations, then a different vote can take it away again - as is happening.  If the claim is based on once having lived there, other peoples have in the meantime also lived there.  If the claim is based on Balfour, others will say, and with justice, that he had no right to promise it in the first place.  Without voicing the true justification behind this claim, neither the Jewish people nor others are satisfied that it is a valid one.

The dispute over title to the Land of Israel is anticipated in the Bible's opening line; which says:  "
In the beginning G-D created the Heavens and the Earth..." The commentaries explain that this is in order that, if the nations of the world come to the Jews and accuse them of stealing the land, the Jews must answer them:  "The entire universe was created by G-D.  He created it and He granted it to whomever He deemed fit.  It was His wish to give it to them and it was His wish to take it from them and give it to us."

Since title to (and responsibility for) the Holy Land was given to each and every Jew collectively, no matter where he or she lives, no individual, group, or government has the right to give away one inch of the land to any other people.

Moreover, when the Jews live peacefully in the Land of Israel, the rest of the world will live in peace as well.

We therefore call upon each member of the Israeli government "not to be ashamed in front of the nations", and to be strong and fearless in asserting and protecting the right of the Jewish people to live, settle, and worship safely and without restriction through-out the entire Land of Israel.

We call upon the international  community to declare its unwavering support for the Jewish claim to the entire Holy Land, thereby eliciting the enormous and much-needed Divine blessings promised in return for that support.

Sarasota, FL
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