by E.M. Stover
The secret M&M trials began in November 1994, at 12 sites across the U.S., according to The Christian World Report, February, 1995, page 21.  The M&M's mentioned are not the candies that "melt in your mouth, not in your hands", but rather it is the new name for the abortion pill (RU-486) because of its two active ingredients (mifepristone and misoprostol).  The makers of RU-486, Roussel Uclaf (a subsidiary of Hoechst AG, the chemical corporation based in Frankfurt, Germany, that during World War II, manufactured Zyclone B, the chemical agent Hitler used against the Jews), was frightened by threats of boycotts from pro-life organizations across the U.S.   So instead of directly pushing RU-486 into America, Roussel Uclaf allowed the Population Council, a non-profit organization, to conduct trials using the infamous abortion pill, only under another name.  For now, the pills have taken on the jovial nickname, "M&M's."

But the procedure is anything less than cheerful.  The descriptions were given in a December 5, 1994 TIME magazine article of what takes place in the process.  A woman who underwent testing of the pills was quoted as saying, "I started to bleed like mens-truation.  But nothing really happened until the next day.  I was having deep cramping when I went to the bathroom, and it was like turning a water jug upside down.  I looked at the fetus and was disgusted.  I flushed before I got sick to my stomach."  The sad thing, obviously, is that this woman discovered she had flushed her baby down the toilet.

Many women, especially the ones who have never been pregnant before, will believe the lie that taking these pills would be less traumatic than having an abortion.  They will view the abortion pill simply as an "aspirin" to cure another form of "headache."  The idea of swallowing some pills makes it seem less complicated. This may mean that women who would not otherwise have had an abortion will now find it much  easier because it "sounds so simple."

But in reality, abortion induced by the pill is still an abortion.  It is lenghier, more gruesome, and apparently more taxing on a woman's body and mind than surgical abortion.  There is nothing more horrifying than  a mother realizing that that "glob of tissue" at the bottom of her toilet is a tiny human being.  This will leave aborted women more psychologically incapacitated.  An aborted woman cannot flush her baby down the toilet without flushing away a great part of her own life.  She will never be the same again.

If the food and Drug Administration (FDA) decides to approve RU-486, it will further increase sexual immorality and increase the rate of abortion like never before.   May G-d have mercy on our souls!
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