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Jerusalem Insight #358 - by Rabbi Moshe Kempinski
We are on the eve of Jerusalem day, the day that commemorates the reunification of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War.

To this day, I remember that moment 35 years ago when I heard the news of the Liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem by the Israeli army.  The reporter was breathing hoarsely as he ran with the soldiers as they entered Lion's Gate.  Sniper fire in the background, did not seem to phase either the reporter or the soldiers.  The reporter's microphone picked up, not the cries of "take cover" or of "stay close to the buildings".  Rather you heard and felt the sense of soldiers running headlong and determined.  Determined to get somewhere.  What you heard was the excitement as they asked of each other, "where is it?" or "which way to the Kotel (the Western Wall)".

And then we heard General Motta Gur over his walkie talkie speaking the words that were waiting to be spoken 2000 years ago, "the Temple Mount is in our hands... I repeat, The Temple Mount is in our hands".

The earth moved under me as I heard those words.

Regrettably it was a declaration that will have to be declared again.  It will be reaffirmed in the right time.

That moment 35 years ago was the right time.  It was one of those moments; those windows of opportunity where destiny could have been seized.  The moment, sadly, was squandered, the opportunity missed.

Yet the seeds of redemption were sown.

The reporter and the soldiers continued in their dash towards the Kotel.  As they approached, the reporter's voice trembled.  He said, "I have never been a religious man, but here I am standing at the Kotel.  I am standing at the place so many of my ancestors dreamt of standing, of touching the stones.  I am touching those stones!"

And he paused.

And he began weeping.

Several of the soldiers that had gathered around the legendary Rabbi Shlomo Goren hoarsely yelled out the "Shehecheyanu" blessing:  "Blessed art Thou L-RD G-D King of the Universe who has sustained us and kept us and has brought us to this day."

The reporter, weepingly whispered "amen".

Then Rabbi Goren took a shofar in his lips and blew the teklyah.  The blast of the shofar that reverberates in my soul to this day. 
I knew that day that I would become a Jerusalemite.

There was not a Jew in Israel that was not moved by that shofar blow, yet over the years many may have lost the ability to recog-nize it.

When the Israelites stood at Mount Sinai and beheld the Revelation of G-D in His Glory, the text relates that they "saw the sound". The sound that they saw was the "sound of the shofar running through the camps."

Therein, I believe, lies a great and deep secret.  The secret of being able to hear the shofar lies in the ability to "see".

We are learning to see the awesomeness of a nation regathering and reforming out of the ashes of history of persecution.  When
all will clearly see this miracle then the sound of the Shofar will be clearly heard.

May We All Have A Joyful Jerusalem Day.

Moshe Kempinski 
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