by Pat Rutherford, President of Praise Broadcasting Network
September 11 is still fresh in many of our minds.  We remember, as Washington D.C. was threatened, President Bush's plane was diverted away from Washington D.C. in fear of some kind of attack against the President.  Mr. Bush did not go back, until it was fairly clear the danger was past.

Yet, Mr. Bush and his administration insist Israel live with such terror 24 hours a day, side by side, even while Mr.Arafat continues to call on a million martyrs to march on Jerusalem.  While Mr. Bush calls the Saudis and other Arab states "Our Friends", he con-tinues his refusal to stand strongly against terror when it involves Israel.  While Mr. Bush continues pressure on Israel to negotiate with the terrorist, Mr. Arafat, the Israelis continue burying their loved ones, victims of homicide attacks ordered by Yasser.

Mr. Bush, I will say to you, what you have been on record saying to Mr. Arafat. "You must earn my trust and respect."  The dif-ference in your words to Mr. Arafat and my words to you, is that Mr. Arafat never had your respect.  YET, I once respected you and your stand against terror, until you folded under pressure from your "friends", the Arabs, who continue funding terror under your nose.  Now, Mr. Bush, you have lost my trust and respect.  Your words are hollow.  I want to see actions that coincide with your words that Israel is our best friend in the Middle East.

Mr. Bush, best friends don't let people kill their best friends.  Have you forgotten, there have been Americans killed in the homicide attacks, as well, or don't they count because they are Jews?  You have ample evidence Mr. Arafat is not only ordering, but funding the attacks as well.

Wake up, Mr. Bush, before you have lost your "best friend" in the Middle East, and all Israel's friends in the U.S., as well.
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