by Hal Lindsey
The incredible wave of anti-Semitism propaganda emanating from the European Press is beginning to bear fruit in the growing
wave of anti-Semitism violence sweeping across the continent. 

Indeed,  in documenting the trend, the Washington Times headlined a story Tuesday,
"Synagogues Burn as Europeans Rage."
The paper documents the burning of the synagogues, attacks on Jewish Rabbis and Jewish students in traditional garb, and
assaults on Jewish schools and school buses.

A gang even attacked a Jewish soccer team, beating the players with iron bars for the offense of being Jewish.

The Times reports a synagogue in the German town of Herford had the words "six million were not enough" painted on its exterior.

In one of history's little ironic twist, Berlin police have warned Jews not to wear anything that might identify them, like a Star of David or a yarmulke.  German police said they wouldn't guarantee their safety in the event they ignore this advice.

In a wartime speech to his countrymen, Ariel Sharon even sited the German warning as evidence of the grave situation global
Jewry finds itself in.  Sharon took the occassion of the speech to invite Diaspora Jews to consider immigrating to Israel. 

Within hours of Sharon's speech, embarrassed Berlin police issued a correction, saying they issued no such warning.  The police denial came after the head of the Yad-Vashem Holocaust Center described the recommendation as offensive and said it indicated a lack of will on the part of the Berlin police to confront anti-Semitism.

Israeli Army Radio said the warning came from Berlin police spokesman Lars Sunman.  Sunman was reported saying that the recommendation was "a blow to freedom of religion, but the police cannot protect every single Jew."  To those Jews who
survived 1930's Europe, those words have a ominously familiar ring.

In Manhattan, 50,000 Jews came together to offer a massive prayer for the continued existence of Israel and for the safety of European Jewry.

In France, far-right xenophobe Jean-Marie Le Pen defeated Socialist French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin in an election that shocked the European establishment.

The L.A.Times, commented on the election, wrote, "Others felt an ominous hint of recognition in the drift to the right."  In
Greece, where fascist occupation during WWII left deep scars on the national psyche, the daily Ta Nea wrote that "Europe
freezes as fascism rises" and likened the spread of far-right influence to" resurrection of the vampire that drained the continent's
life blood during the Holocaust."

All across Europe the flames of anti-Semitism are being fanned by the press and adopted as the Gospel of the New Europe.

The European media continue to cover the conflict as if the Palestinians were innocent victims of Israeli war crimes, rather than
the losers in a lopsided conflict of their own making.  Despite the fact absolutely no evidence of a massacre has been uncovered, The European press continues to report it as a fact awaiting confirmation.

The European press continues to portray Israel's anti-terror war as being an unjustified, calculated assault on the Palestinian civilian population.  The fact that the total body count at Jenin is half of what Israel expected and a tenth of what has been reported by the PA is not even mentioned or considered by the European media, which seems to be hellbent on stirring up another Holocaust.

What I find interesting are the things nobody is talking much about.  If 500 people were massacred in Jenin refugee camp, a third the size of Central Park and containing 14,000 people, then at least somebody ought to know who is missing.  And if they were "unknown" to the residents, shouldn't we assume that they were transplanted terrorists? 

Where are the families of the "victims" of the alleged massacre?  Where are the list of names?  More importantly, why, after 10 years of Palestinian administration and billions in international aid, is there still a refugee camp at Jenin in the first place.

It is a refugee camp for Palestinians, Jenin is a city under the control of the Palestinian Authority. 
From whom are the refugees taking refuge? 

Israel had been a "nation under seige" since September 2000, suffering 12,500 terrorist attacks - one every hour.  How much provocation is enough?

There are some sobbering lessons to be learned from this developing situation.  First, anti-Semitism, which has been endemic in Europe for centuries, seems to be alive and well again there. 

The age old mystery of a malevolent spirit driving this irrational hatred toward the Jew is ominously rising again, just as it was predicted in Bible prophecy about the last days in this present world order.  The main source of this "revival" of evil is the biased reporting of the European media. 
Hal Lindsey is the best-selling author of 20 books, including "Late Great Planet Earth."   He writes this weekly column exclusively for WorldNetDaily and maintains a website where he provides up-to-the-minute analysis of today's world events in the light of ancient prophecies
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