by Gary Bauer
Hitting the Ground Running:
I arrived safely in Tel Aviv yesterday.  In spite of jet lag, we have already had an incredible day and a half in Israel.  The drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where I am now, is in itself a dramatic illustration of the security threat facing this Western democracy in a sea of tyrants and dictators.  This country is a "postage stamp" in size and all of its citizens are within reach of the weapons of mass destruction being developed in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.  Yet, the world demands that Israel surrender even more land as the price for peace.  The world is wrong.

Sharon Meeting:
Your prayers are working.  Today I met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and members of his cabinet for what had been scheduled as a brief discussion.  At the meeting, I presented the Prime Minister with a strong letter of support and encouragement signed by prominent Christian leaders, including my friends Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Colson and the Reverend Jerry Falwell.  The letter had an electrifying impact.  Our meeting went nearly an hour and resulted in me doing numerous interviews on Israeli television and radio.

The Letter:
His Excellency Ariel Sharon
Prime Minister
State of Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Your Excellency:

We hope this letter, written to you and the people of the great nation of Israel from your friends in the United States, will be an encouragement.

We want to remind the Israeli people that they are not alone in their hour of need.  On September 11, 2002 the United States suffered a horrendous attack.  As we mourned our losses we were shocked to see dancing in the streets, in celebration of our
pain, in some parts of the Middle East.  But in Israel you cried with us and lowered your flag and shared our grief.  On
September 11th many Americans came to understand for the first time what it is like to be an Israeli and to face barbaric
terrorism that targets innocent civilians.  We know that in the face of this evil the free people of the world who believe in human dignity, the sanctity of life and in free institutions must stand together.

We know you have been America's reliable friend and ally and we understand that our friendship is natural because both of our nations are built on Western Civilization, and its foundation of Judeo-Christian values.

Please know that we are committed, as are millions of Christians in America, to praying for Israel and for the "Peace of Jerusalem".  We also are  committed to working to ensure that the great evil that threatens America and Israel does not prevail.

We believe Israel has the same right of self-defense that all sovereign nations enjoy.  We believe you have shown incredible restraint in the face of the wanton violence aimed at innocent Israeli civilians.  We reject the notion that America or Israel should
be passive in the face of such violence.  We know that just as our country has the right to tract down the terrorists who have declared war on America that you too have the right to pursue those who are dedicated to destroying you.

We believe terrorists cannot be appeased and we reject all pressure on Israel to do so.

We believe the suffering of Palestinian Arabs is due to the failure of their leaders to provide any vision for the future, other than hatred of Israel and self-destruction.  We believe no peace conference or piece of paper can safeguard your people unless the nations and people who surround you concede that you have a right to exist.  We know peace is impossible until the Palestinian leadership ends the indoctrination of Palestinian children with "blood libels" and stops teaching their children that they will be rewarded in eternity for killing Jews.

We believe no Palestinian State is possible without an end to terrorist attacks on Israel and democratic reform in the Palestinian territories.  We know who the war criminals are and it is not the dedicated members of the IDF who have gone to great lengths to avoid unnecessary death and injury to civilians.  We condemn the moral relativism that confuses those being murdered with those doing the murdering.  We demand that the United Nations and other international bodies end their silence on the atrocities committed against civilian men and women, young and old, in Israel.  We are disgusted with the rising tide of anti-Semitism that has swept the streets of Western Europe and the "fashionable" anti-Semitism that now seeks respectablity in some international bodies and among certain elites.  We will speak out forcibly against such evil wherever it appears.

Finally, like you, we pray for a world where free people can live in safety and in peace, able to observe their faith and to honor their traditions.  As our two nations work toward that goal you have our commitment that American Christians will stand with Israel.
Gary Bauer, Chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, sent this note to all his friends.
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