by Dr. Mark Gabriel -- Continued
Muhammad used the Mosque as a place for prayer and also to store weapons and plan for war, so mosques today are used in the same way.  It is permissible to use deceit to accomplish your end.  When you are in a position of weakness (small in number), play according to the rules of the majority until you gain strength to overcome them.   Muhammad permitted the killing of women and children, saying that regarding the infidels, "I consider them as their parents."  "Because the prophet of Islam believed this, this is what Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida believe about killing women and children," Gabriel says. 

Because Muhammad's grandson went out to fight in a cause he knew he couldn't win, the faithful believe that fighting evil is a must; it does not matter if you win or die."  If you win you get victory; if you die, you will be honored by God.  Radical Islam groups want to revert to seventh century Islam.

The principles of modern jihad were espoused by Sayid Qutb, the "Martin Luther" of the modern jihad movement.  Born in 1906 in southern Egypt, he became one of the top people in the department of education.  He was selected to come to study in America.  After returning home, he joined the militant, aggressive Muslim brotherhood.  Although Qutb was impressed by America's beauty, great size, educational institutions and technology, he decried the lifestyle of Americans, saying their values, beliefs, etc., were "below the standards of a human being."  Disgusted with what he says as a lack of religious conviction, he was also angry because American influence had led the Muslim world astray from the ways of Islam.  He authored several books, but
Signs Along the Road earned him a death sentence from the Egyptian government.  Available on the black market, this book has become the heartbeat of the radical Islam movements today.  Qutb believed that Allah is the only ruler over earth and that no human should rule or govern the earth.  Therefore, he rejected all man-made systems of government, including democracy, socialism, dictatorship and commun-ism... [He] believed Muslims should rebel and resist any human power on earth until they overturn all man-made governments. This is the ultimate calling for a Muslim, and it is not to be compromised, deviated from or stopped.  Qutb wrote, "Demolish all govern-ments and organizations that are established by man.  Eliminate human racism that exults one over the other.  The return of God's kingdom can only be established by a movement of power and the sword."  Bin Laden and Al-Qaida learned their techniques from the movements of jihad in Egypt, Sudan, Iran, etc.  Financed by his millions and the Taliban government, and emboldened by the US lack of response after the USS Cole and Embassy bombings, his leadership decided to attack Western targets -- to attack the head [America and Europe] and the limbs later [other Muslim countries]. America is a special target because the US represents what the Quran calls the "People of the Book" -- Christians  and Jews, and America's support of Israel is the source of all that Muslims considered evil.  Killing innocent people in the name of Allah is a continual practice of Muslims worldwide. 


Gabriel says his heart weeps for the salvation of the Muslim people and knows that they can be reached with the Gospel.  Christians should continue to pray and to witness to Muslims.

"After September 11, hundreds of thousands of Muslims left Islam," he said.  Many are struggling now.  It is not easy to convert
to Christianity, and they need help.  Avoiding death threats, Gabriel has ministered to many Muslims and councils Christians on the best way to reach and help Muslims come to a strong relationship with Christ.
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