by Gary M. Cooperberg
August 1, 2002
It never ceases to amaze me how far my leaders reach out to try to win the admiration of our enemies, at the risk of our very survival, not to mention self-respect.  The "reverend", Jesse Jackson, is now in Israel trying to make peace for us.  If it weren't so dangerous and insulting to our intelligence,  it would be laughable.  You remember Jesse.  He was the guy who renamed New York City "Heimyville".  And he was a fellow who hugged Arafat long before it became popular to do so.  Now this great friend of the Jewish people is in Israel in order to help us make peace with our "neighbors".  In the tradition of his good friend, Shimon Peres, Jackson invisions a peaceful solution by creating a PLO state, side by side with Israel.  Of course the Jews living in Judea and Samaria will simply have to leave, while the Arab haters certainly cannot be banned from living in Israel proper.

Jackson met with his friend Arafat and urged him to try to stop the terror.  He was planning to meet with Sheik Ahmed Yassin spiritual leader of Hamas but after the massacre of students at Hebrew University, including several Americans, which was orchestrated by Yassin, even Jesse knew where to draw the line and he cancelled his meeting with the Sheik and went back to Arafat instead.

Jackson calls himself a religious leader.  As such one must seriously question his motives. 
How can any religious leader who follows the Bible advocate taking any part of the land of Israel from the Children of Israel? Clearly this is an offense to the
Author of the Bible.  Nowhere in the Bible is there a mention of a two state partition of the Holy Land between Arabs and Jews.  Nowhere will you find the term "Palestine" in that Holy Book.  Not only is the rebirth of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, it is the destiny of the Jewish people.  We are commanded by G-D to return to and settle the
Land.  How dare anyone think to defy G-D by suggesting that it be "illegal" for us to follow His Commands!  Peace cannot ever result from defying G-D and rewarding thieves and murderers.

Were Jackson a genuine religious leader and proponent of peace and security for the United States of America,  he would advocate hanging Arafat for murder (after a fair trial of course), and demand that the Jews have the right to live in all of Biblical Israel.  But Jackson is a fraud.  His personal political ambitions have seen him making use of the media to promote his image as a peacemaker and improve his chances for an eventual run for the White House.  Why the government of Israel chose not to deport this Jew-hating demagogue is hard to fanthom.  It most certainly does not serve the interest of this country to have him here at all.  His meeting with Arafat only enhances the false legitimacy of that murderer.  This is also a slap in the face of the American President.

The Jackson mission is not a peace mission.  It is a part of the Jesse Jackson for President campaign.  Jackson not only cannot bring peace by his meddling, but he will further the cause of our enemies by encouraging them to continue to murder Jews in order to accomplish their ideological cause.  By murdering Jews the Arabs frightened Jewish leaders into capitulating to their criminal demands.  The more we have tried to please our enemies in the futile desire that this would bring us closer to peace, the more we convinced them that murder pays off.  The only reason we sat to negotiate by suggesting to give away parts of our homeland was in reaction to murder.  When a man like Jackson is given the misplaced honor of an ambassador of peace, and he comes to visit Arafat as a legitimate Arab leader, this is an outright reward for acts of terror and murder!  If the Arabs will murder more Jews,
then maybe even more influencial politicians will visit Arafat and help him in his battle to take Israel away from the Jewish people. 

Far too many Jews have been murdered by our alleged peace partners.  The time has long come for our leaders to stop playing games with our lives by dreaming of a kind of peaceful solution which can never ever happen. 
The G-D of Israel is our only partner in true peace and we have neglected Him.  The minute we recognize from whence comes the true source of Peace and conduct our policies according to His Will, we will see true peace and redemption.  Killing murderers is an act of justice.  In time
of war there are no innocents, not even children.  The Jewish State has engaged in a war which sees its Arab enemies seeking our destruction.  One does not negotiate with the enemies before he defeats them.  We must make it clear to every Arab that to lift a hand against a Jew brings immediate capital punishment.  To lift a hand against a Jew is to lift a hand against the Jewish G-D.  It
is thus an obligation for us to cut off such hands.  Terror cannot and must not be "contained".  It must be brutally rooted out and destroyed.  There is no other way.

No Arab has any rights to the Land of Israel.  By no stretch of the imagination does any people,  other than the Jewish people
have the right to sovereignty in any part of the Land of Israel, especially Judea and Samaria. Anyone who suggests otherwise is opposing the G-D of Israel and will get his "just reward". 


Project Shofar is dedicated to spreading these truths wherever it is possible to do so.  It is sounding the alarm, to Jew and Gentile alike, to open our
eyes at the G-dly process that is presently underway, and work to support it.  We dare not stand idly
on the sidelines. 

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