Gary M. Cooperberg
With the month of Elul upon us, we sound the Shofar every morning as we prepare for Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur.  The sound of the Shofar is an ancient alarm, yet a very current warning to us all to wake up and recognize the Divine process of redemption which is already beginning.

For over 2000 years the Jewish people have been living in exile from their homeland.  We have been scattered all over the world and oppressed, persecuted and nearly annihilated by our "host".  The United States of America has been a gracious host country.  Yet so were Egypt, Spain, England, Poland and even Germany.  We strived in all these countries for awhile, until our welcome ran out.  The reason for this is really very simple.  It has never been our destiny to establish ourselves permanently in any country
other than Israel.

The Jewish People was created by G-D to serve a holy purpose.  It is only through us that mankind has any kind of a future.  Only by emulating the example we are destined to set, will mankind be able to elevate itself to holiness.  Were it possible to destroy the Jewish People, the most notable side effects would be the reverting of the world back to the chaos that existed before creation. 
If the nations of the world truly understood the purpose of the Jewish Nation, they would be showering us with presents and praising us constantly.  This will eventually happen.

But most do not understand.  Our world today is run by petty interests which deny the Living G-D of Creation.  Powerful businessmen who have amassed tremendous wealth really think that they can manipulate world powers and control the destiny
of the planet.  They have used their wealth and power to gain more and more political control throughout the world.  Their successes have fed their lust for more power, and convinced them that they will eventually control the planet.  Such people
cannot believe in G-D.  They have created a god in their own image.  For such people there is a very strong need to destroy Israel.  Israel and the Jewish People are an unpleasant reminder of the real G-D of Creation.  Only by eliminating both can they prove to themselves that there is no G-D.  This is not a new story, merely the latest version of many old stories, beginning with Pharaoh
in Egypt, and including the Roman Empire and the Third Reich.

Our world has a Creator.  We may try to ignore this fact and pretend that we control our own destiny, but we cannot change that which our Creator has designed for us.  Does it make any sense at all that a tiny and insignificant minority which has been hated and persecuted by nearly every nation in the world would wander the earth for 2000 years and then, at its most weakest moment, after having been decimated by the Holocaust, reestablish its sovereignty in her ancient homeland against the will of nations far more powerful than she?  All of the Arab nations around us are far larger than Israel and possess far greater wealth.  They have constantly tried to destroy us in wars, and have failed every time.  Israel is one of the tiniest nations in the world, which should hardly even be noticed by anyone, yet she plays a major role in the daily news of every nation.

Until the rebirth of the Jewish State in the land of Israel it may have been plausible to try and deny the destiny of the Jewish Peo-ple. Today one must be totally blind and fanatic not to see this destiny unfolding before our eyes.  Yet great numbers of people and nations are doing just that.  We are living in a time of  Divine testing.  Every individual and nation now has a choice to be honest with himself and serve the G-D of Creation, or to be dishonest and pretend that he controls his own destiny and thus either ignore Him or oppress Him.  To oppress the Jewish Nation is to oppose the Living G-D of Creation.  Only a fool would do such a thing, for the results can only be ultimate disaster. 

Project Shofar was originally concieved to be an alarm for Jews living in exile to come home.  But I have found that there is a
need to sound the shofar for Gentiles as well. 
The destiny of all nations is being determined by how they relate to the Jewish People and the Jewish State. The United States of America is in a unique position.  Like the Jewish State the United States of America was established upon Biblical principles.  G-D, the Creator of the Universe, was part and parcel of the foundation of this political experiment.  The founding fathers wanted to emulate the Children of Israel and they considered America to be their "Promised Land".  Their declarations openly referred to G-D.  The American currency stated, "In G-D we trust".   And the
pledge of allegiance recognized that this nation is "Under G-D".  Today a "new morality" has tried to throw G-D out of America.  The only hope for the United States of America to survive is for her citizens to demand that this great nation return to trust in G-D. 

Today the most obvious way to align with the G-D of Israel is to stand with the Jewish State. True it is not yet the Biblical exam-ple it is destined to be, but the seeds have been planted.  The State of Israel will soon be the leader of all nations.  It will become
the great example of G-dliness despite the present failings of her leaders.  Peace cannot ever be achieved by defying the Will of
G-D.  All those be they Jew or Gentile, who seek to achieve peace at the expense of G-D's Commandments will not only fail, but will bring disaster down upon their own heads.  No people on earth, real or imagined, other than the Children of Israel, the Jewish People, have sovereign rights to the Land of Israel.  We have no right to share our Divine destiny with any other entity.  Should
we even try we will only invite disaster. Terror is our reward for disregarding our obligations to our Creator.  This is true for both Israel and for the United States. 

Once again this year, as I have for nearly 20 years, I will be sounding the Shofar on Rosh HaShannah at the Cave of Machpelah
in Hebron, G-D willing.  At the tombs of the patriarchs we will be imploring G-D to have mercy upon us and give us the strength
to stand up to the formidable challenges which confront us here.

Although I have no definite plans as yet, with G-D's help I will be taking that same Shofar with me toward the end of October to sound the alarm in the United States. 
Time is running out for all of us.  There is much for us to do.  We dare not sit on the sidelines when our future is in peril.


Project Shofar is dedicated to spreading these truths wherever it is possible to do so.   It is sounding the alarm, to Jew and Gentile alike to open our eyes to the G-dly process that is presently under way, and work to support it.  We dare not stand
idly on the sidelines.

If you want to support the concepts espoused by the Voice From Hebron, and the physical work of Project Shofar, you can send a tax deductible contribution to:   Project Shofar, P.O. Box 181191, Casselberry, FL  32718

Gary M. Cooperberg
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