As Israel  has been engaging in self-defensive measures against terrorism, anti-Semitism globally has increased once again.  As Christians we want to stand up in support of Israel.  We are asking for your support by signing the below petition, "Appeal to
All Christians in the USA", and returning it to us.  We will then present it to President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon, as our unified show of support of Israel.  We ask that you would please cut and paste the petition, and copy it unto a text document
which can be printed and mailed to this address:

P.O. Box 1429
Jerusalem, 91013

*** We also encourage you to also give this petition to churches and other Christians who desire to stand up in support of Israel. 



As we have watched events in the Middle East, we wanted to just pray and remain silent.  We shall continue to pray, but we can no longer remain silent.  Our conscience will not allow it.

We therefore declare to the American people, and to our leaders in the American government, the following convictions:

1.  We emphatically stand in support of Israel, and strongly urge our American government to continue their support of the
Jewish State.  As American citizens who appreciate the values of freedom in a free society, we protest against any establishment
of a Palestinian state, and against any policy that cultivates economic and political relations with a regime that supports terrorism,
is anti-democratic, and has an avowed goal in exterminating the Jewish people and the Jewish State.

2.  We condemn Palestinian movements that send out signals of peace in English, but incite in Arabic to kill the Jews and commit suicide bombings and acts of terrorism.

3.  We distant ourselves from the blame that is being placed on Israel by the media for the present terror situation, as Israelis respond to the terrorist attacks and threats they must face every day.  Israeli military operations are no different America's present war against terrorism, and we support Israel's right to defend herself and protect her citizens.

4.  We refuse to accept that the Palestinian refugee problems are Israel's responsibility.  The international community and Arab states in particular are responsible for the non-integration of the refugee population and for the continued existence of these
refugee camps.  In fact, the Palestinian refugee camps and the Palestinian people are being exploited by Arabic and Islamic
powers of terrorism, political manipulation, and to apply pressure on Israel. 

5.  We profess a justified doubt in Arafat and his organization's ability to bring about true resolution to the conflict.  We maintain that Arafat's goal, and the goal of his organization, is nothing less than the destruction of Israel.

6.  We confess our beliefs in the Biblical promises eternally guaranteed to Israel, and the prophecy of a country to which Jews
can return, a country with sharply defined borders, and with Jerusalem as the undivided and eternal capital city.  In this promise
is included the Israel  we see today, which has existed since 1948 under its ancient name found throughout the Hebrew Bible. 
We wait with all believing Jews for the visable return of Israel's Messiah and Redeemer, and for the Judgement of the Nations' as
it is written in the Bible. 

It is from a matter of conscience that we have grafted this statement, so that we will not be included in G-D's curse and judge-ment because of the world's hostility towards Israel.

We call on all Americans to also make this demand their own, by signing below.

We call on all Christians in America to join us in this demand.

Please sign below and return to FOR ZION'S SAKE.  We will be presenting the signed appeals to the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and to US President George W. Bush, and to Israeli and American officials.

Yes, I agree with the above demand, and I support American's continued support of Israel: 

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