by Intercessors for America: Israel/Middle East Alert
It is not accidental that the attacks upon New York and Washington came a week after the United States stood with Israel and boycotted the UN Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa.  The unfolding "war" with the power of Radical Islam is a "contest" which the Bible prophesies and shows to ultimately be directed at the destruction of the nation of Israel, the extinction
of the Jewish people and the domination of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. All who stand with the Jewish people - the Messi-anic race - their G-D-appointed land, and their destiny will come under attack by this power.  This biblical reality has and will continue to try and test every nation and ruler, and is a "plumbine" issue in the Church, testing the heart of every so-called Christian. Continual intercession is needed for every U.S. President, his cabinet and administration, and members of Congress to remain clear and consistent in their understanding of this issue, and in maintaining a "hands-off" supportive posture toward Israel and the sovereignty of Jerusalem.

Standing covenantally with Israel in a biblical sense does not mean that one must agree with all of that nation's political decisions.  Nor does it mean turning away from having a redemptive heart and concern for the Arab peoples and nations. 

For further underderstanding of the biblical Destiny of Israel and the Church, we recommend you read the book,
"Prophetic Destinies," by Derek Prince.  (Available from IFA, paperback, 125 pages,  item #B387, special $4:95 +  $3.00 shipping; credit card orders call too-free 1-800-872-7729.)
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