Attention all lovers of peace and truth:  Who will be honest and brave?  Who will defend the Jewish people against these lies?

Who will stand up and help to put an end to these [false] accusations against Jews, that Jews use blood in their foods?

Jews, who traditionally would not allow a speck of blood in even one egg to touch their meals, [Kosher Laws] are once again accused of being cannibalistic.

Shall the world continue to pretend that these lies will do no harm and simply go away?  They are not going away.  And they are doing harm.

We call upon Righteous Gentiles and International Leaders to denounce these lies and demand that the Saudi Government monitor and stop the publication of the dangerous lies that are part of the daily menu of propaganda given to the good people of their country. (One cannot help but wonder WHY they are not monitoring such ugly lies...)

Who will emerge as heros in this difficult chapter in world history?  We beg the non-Jewish community to come forward ... announce your unwillingness to sit idly by while these lies are told.  We need your voices now.

Lies... if gone unchallenged... and told enough times... become truth.
Background information:  Columnist for Saudi Daily Al-Jasirah:  "Jews Use Blood for Baked Goods"  September 19, 2002.  Source:  MEMRI <http://www.memri.org>
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