by George K. Bernstein

Good afternoon. 

Thank G-D for the Evangelical Christians.  With the exception of a few Jewish organizations such as the Zionist Organization of America and Americans for a Safe Israel (Editor's note" and the Freeman Center) Evangelical Christian groups, such as the Christian Coalition of America, the Christian Friends of Israel and CIPAC (Ed:  the Australian based Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign), are Israel's most loyal supporters in the United States.

I am not troubled by their Messianic beliefs involving Jerusalem. When the Messiah comes, it will be time enough to speculate on Israel's future.  Right now, I am worried about Israel's survival - today and tomorrow.

Well before the Oslo Accords, fringe groups, such as Peace Now and Tikkun, pressured Israel to surrender Judea, Sumaria and Gaza and supported the establishment of another Palestinian state.  Some of their spokesmen likened Israel to apartheid South Africa. 

With the advent of Oslo, most of the American rabbinate, Jewish organizations and Jewish members of the media joined the
"peace at any price" movement and tried to make pariahs of those who opposed appeasement and defended Israel's historical rights.

They argued that if only the Jewish State would retreat to the pre-67 borders, share Jerusalem, create another Palestinian state, recognize a right of return of Arab refugees and not respond to the murder of its innocents, it would be loved by the world and
find peace with its Arab brothers. 

The folly of these American Jews was exceeded only by that of the Israeli fantasists who negotiated Oslo, armed the Arab enemy, and ceeded sacred and strategically essential land to a proven group of anti-Semitic murderers and terrorists. 

These American Jews welcomed Arafat and his henchmen in their synagogues and conventions.  It was only fair, they claimed to hear the other side.  And anyway wasn't there going to be a "New Middle-East" where, according to Shimon Peres, economic self-interest would erase religious and ethnic differences between Arab and Jew? 

Most American Jewish organizations, including those with the highest access to policymakers in our government, opposed condi-tioning aid to Arafat on his compliance with Oslo, opposed moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and opposed indicting Arab murder-ers of Americans in Israel.  They even covered up Israeli documentation of the Palestinian Authority's stockpiling of arms, sheltering and support of terrorists and anti-Semitic incitements to violence.

In the name of the "peace process," they always found an excuse for Arafat's transgressions.

We still hear rabbis and Jewish columnists condemning Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount as the cause of the current intifada, although it was planned months earlier, immediately after Arafat's incredible rejection of Barak's suicidal proposals at Camp David.   Thank G-d for the Christian supporters of Israel!  They have been telling the truth about the disaster of Oslo from the beginning.  They have endorsed Israel's unconditional right to defend itself against those committed to its destruction.

These Christians, in coalition with the National Unity Coalition of Israel, [Ed: formerly] Voices United for Israel and a few commit-ted Jewish groups, have spoken out against another Palestinian state and the peril to Israel's temporal and spiritual existence of surrendering any portion of Judea, Sumaria, Gaza and Jerusalem.

Unlike most American Jews, Evangelical Christians are not too timid to quote the Torah and cite Israel's biblical heritage.

They are not afraid to attribute to G-d, Israel's right to the promised land.

The Jewish people owe a debt of gratitude to these Christian defenders of Israel.  I am ashamed that so many Jews have shown
less commitment to the Jewish State.
This coming Friday, October 11, at 1 p.m., on the Ellipse, south of the White House, the Christian Coalition will sponsor a rally for Israel, involving many Christians and belatedly awakened Jewish organizations.  Prime Minister Sharon and former Prime Minister Netanyahu, by satellite, will be among the many Jews and Christians, together with US government officials, who will speak at the rally.  I hope that many of you will attend - to support Israel and to thank those evangelical Christians who, unlike so many Jews have backed their words with action.  
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