Norwegian group traveling to Israel during Sukkoth, visiting cities and towns in Gaza and the Territories Sept 22nd to
Oct 6th.

The purpose is to show solidarity with Jews living in places where terror often is striking and where the future is uncertain.

Building bridges between Christians and Jews is important to turn European hostility to Jews to a new, positive trend.

Norwegians are not a bloc of anti-Semites.

Even though Norway is stamped as a country hostile to Israel, lots of Norwegians are supporting Israel's freedom and right to existence inside secure borders. They are fighting anti-Semitism where it is growing. This is achieved, among others, with distributing facts against lies used as weapons in the Arabic-Israeli war for destroying the only democracy
in the Middle East,Israel.

In April, thousands of friends of Israel, mostly Christians, rallied up in front of our Parliament building with Israeli flags and blue
balloons, listening to and clapping for speeches by representatives from present and former parlismentarians. Approximately 25 representatives out of 167 in the Norwegian Parliament have joined "Friends of Israel".  The demonstrating Israel supporters marched from the Parliament building, up the main street in the direction of the Royal Castle and the Israeli embassy lying behind it.  The participants came from all places in south Norway.  Some had been traveling all night by charter bus, to participate 550
km from their hometown.

Sympathy and support

Now,during Sukkoth, a group of Norwegians are coming to Israel to show support to the Jewish people, to meet with families who have suffered Arab terror in the territories, showing off the Norwegian flag and connect it to something
more positive for Israel than the other Norwegian contribution to conflict solving, as the Oslo Accords and Terje Larsen and his ambassador wife, Mrs. Juul.

A message from Norwegians in Tel Aviv sent back home to the Norwegian Foreign Department and Parliament.

The group, representing the Norwegian Israel Centre, for Israel and against anti-Semitism, will also make a demonstration outside the Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv, September 25th at 12:00.  It will be a quiet marking, where we will give the ambassador a letter stating that the Norwegian foreign policy, both in the past under the labour government, and present under the Christian Centrum-Right coalition, too much weight has been put on the self inflicting Arab suffering contrary to supporting the only democracy in the Middle East.

The Norwegian authorities, politicians, human rights fighters and labour organizations must start fighting human rights violations
in the Arab worlds, rather than working for giving the territories to the Arabs, naively believing that this will
be the beginning of peace in the Middle East.

Places to visit

The group will visit the cities and towns of Gush Katif, Hebron, Kfar Etzion and Gush Etzion, Ariel, the mountian of Garizim,
the military base at Bet El and a long row of biblical and historical sites from north to south in Israel.  There will be meetings with local people and their leaders at most places.  The information we learn will be taken back to Norway to be distributed (if the Norwegian press will allow it).  It will also be arranged speeches, especially for the group with political researcher from the Ariel Centre for Political Research.

The touring group consists mostly of Christians, both from the state church and free congregations and messianic Jews. There are children from 13 years of age to seniors. A couple of Danes and a few Americans are also travelling with the group, which is led by Mrs. Elin H. Berglund from the Adventist church, a biblical researcher with a special interest in Biblical archeology.

Futher info can be obtained from:

MR. Jan Gregersen; tel +47 934 03 846

Norwegian Israel Centre,
Leader Erez Uriely; tel + 47 69 92 14 22
In Israel:  064 277 623
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