by Gary M. Cooperberg, A Voice From Hebron
November 17, 2002
I got this email letter just before leaving for the funerals of three Jewish heros who were killed in Hebron on Friday night.  In spite of what you may have heard on the news services, the fact is that no "civilians" were involved in any of the fighting.  The ambush that took place on Friday night was not against worshipers.  It was a deliberate suicide attack against soldiers.  The civilians who were killed and injured were all members of the Kiryat Arba security team who responded to the attack and came to the aid of the wounded soldiers.  These were all trained professional security people whose job it was to protect Kiryat Arba.  The head of the team, and a neighbor of ours, was murdered along with two others as they were responding to the call for help.

As hard as it is to stop suicide bombers from their wicked deeds, imagine three trained soldiers planning a suicide ambush.  In the dark of the night, hiding in the alleyways, they picked strategic locations and just waited for the right moment.  At nearly point-blank range, from out of the darkness, they began shooting and throwing grenades at the soldiers.  They kept moving and shooting so it was impossible to know how many there were or from where they were shooting. The bewildered soldiers were also hampered by the fear of shooting their comrades by mistake.

Although we lost some of our finest young men, it should be noted that members of the Kiryat Arba security team were instrumental in finally subduing the terrorists at the risk and even cost of their own lives.  You can imagine how the following
letter made me feel.

Dear Mr. Cooperberg,

I read that Project Shofar was established as a platform to call out to Jews, mostly those living in American Exile.  I am one of those Jews.  I was born in Jerusalem and moved when I was very young to the States with my family.

I just want you to know, Mr. Cooperberg, that moving back to Israel would be very difficult for me to do at this time -- precisely because of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.  It is dead wrong, and it is corrupting the very soul of a Jewish, democratic Israel. 

I urge you, and all the other settlers, to return to Israel, return from the Palestinian exile.  When you do that, I could consider returning from the American exile, proud to live in a nation whose policies are not racist.

This American Jews takes a stand against the Occupation, and against your illegal settling of the Territories.  For too long, we in the Artzot Ha'Brit (United States) have been silent.  I, for one, must speak my mind,  Are you so scarred by history that violence is the only language you understand?  Can you not see that by staying in Hebron you only perpetuate war -- robbing Israel of the security it so desperately desires?



Dear Ben,

Thank you for taking the time to express your feelings.  It truly saddens me to hear a Jew who was born in Jerusalem actually believes that it is wrong from his brothers to live in the heart of our ancient homeland, Judea, Samaria and Gaza.  It hurts even
more for you to suggest that it is illegal to do so.  That you can refer to these Biblical lands as "the west bank" only shows how little you really know of your own history.  That is a tragedy.

If it is by staying in Hebron that war is promoted, and by leaving you claim we will gain security, perphaps you can explain why the Six Day War took place when there were no Jews living in Hebron, and all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and East Jerusalem
were in Arab hands.

You will come home to us, Ben, only when you rediscover your Jewish identity.  If you are ashamed of being part of the miraculous redemption, for which your great-grandparents would have given anything to witness, which has seen our people returning home from all over the world, rejuvenating our ancient language, and rebuilding the ruined places then I can understand why it is hard for you to do it at this point.  You should not come home because you are an Israeli.  You should come home because you are a Jew.  Consider the legacy that so many generations of your family left for you.  The dream of Zion was
nurtured through two thousand years of exile, persecution, pogroms and holocaust.  Now that our generation has been blessed
with the beginning of fulfillment of that ancient dream, you would simply abandon it?  And how can you convince yourself that
by bowing to Arab terror, and giving away your inheritance to murderers, that they will then be happy to live in peace with you?

There was never a Palestine country.  Arafat is an Egyptian and all those who choose to call themselves "palestinians" are Arabs from real Arab countries or nomads.  Living in the United States has warped your Identity.  The United States was created to be a home for all freedom loving people.  Israel was created to be the only homeland for the Jewish People.  Others who wish to live here with us are welcomed to do so, as long as they recognize that it is a Jewish State and accept Jewish sovereignty.  No normal country in the world would tolerate an attempt to take its sovereignty away.  That you could possibly see justice in the cause of those who would destroy both you and your homeland is a sad commentary on your own self-perception.  I hope that you'll take some time to learn more about your own history and identity and come to realize that you are throwing away a priceless treasure.


Project Shofar is dedicated to spreading these truths wherever it is possible to do so.  It is sounding the alarm, to Jew and Gentile alike, to open our eyes to the G-dly process that is presently underway, and work to support it.  We dare not stand idly on the sidelines.

If you want to support the concepts espoused by the Voice of Hebron, and the physical work of Project Shofar, you can send a tax deductible contribution to:

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