by Arutz 7 Editor, Arutz Sheva News Service
The U.S. took its second public pro-Israel step in the past few days when it voted against an anti-Israel resolution in the United Nations last night.  The occasion was the Arab nations' annual attempt to have the UN invalidate Israel's "Jerusalem Law," which declares Israel's reunification of the holy city.  Only Israel, the U.S., Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands voted against the proposal, while 154 nations - similar to the large majority of other years - voted in favor, and six abstained.

In addition, U.S. President George Bush has announced his plans to downgrade the status of the PLO mission to the U.S. six months from now.  The decision was made because the PLO has not fulfilled its commitments to the United States, including a renunciation of terrorism and acts of violence.

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