An Urgent Call to Repentance, Prayer & Christian Civic Duty
Capital Hill Prayer Alert, December 16, 2002
For the L-RD is our Judge, the L-RD is our Lawgiver, the L-RD is our King;  It is He Who will save us (Isaiah 33:22).

America is at a crossroads.  Christians want "under G-d" in the pledge of allegiance, but very few are doing what must be done to keep America "under G-d."  Isaiah bemoaned of ancient Israel, "the whole head is sick" (Isaiah 1:5).  Our nation, too, is sick.... American Christians have abandoned their role in the political process that shapes American life and government...

G-d's progressive judgments upon our land are too numerous to recount:  fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, school shootings, stock market collapses, economic recession, etc.  Now, wild-eyed Islamic fanatics, whose "holy book" commands them to kill Christians and Jews have launched a "to-the-death" Jihad against America.  Other of G-d's promised judgments have been escalating during the same period without any measurable national response of repentance toward G-d...

Too few churches teach their people how to be salt and light in the nation as did the churches of our founding era.  Yet the remaking of America as a nation "under G-d" will take every bit as much dedication and sacrifice by modern Christians as it took our founders and the Christians of their day to bring America to birth....

With their incessant aversion to the political process, Christians send many messages:  l. "We reject Christ's mandate to be salt and light to our nation";   2. "We are satisfied for evil men to rule over us";  3. "We don't love our neighbors or care about their future welfare";  4. "We don't care enough for our own children to leave them a national future and hope";  5. "We don't really care whether G-d blesses or curses America!"

These attitudes, combined with our nation's moral neediness, are not just negligence, not just apathy, they reveal a great wickedness among G-d's backslidden people..."
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