General Stefanos Sarafis,
Supreme Commander-in-Chief of ELAS Greek Resistance Army,
The Association of Friends of Greek Jewry, was organized in part to recognize the solidarity non-Jews demonstrated in supporting, hiding,
and  saving Jews  from the Holocaust  that  engulfed  them  during the
course of World War II.

In  this  endeavor,  the  association  has  initiated the  presentation  of conspicuous  awards  to  honor  the courage of individuals who risked all in the service of human ideals.

It  is  with  gladness  of  heart  that  the  officers  and  members of the
Association of Friends of Greek Jewry announce the recipients of the first annual 
"Awards of  Moral Courage," honoring Greek Christians who  risked  their  lives  to  save  Greek  Jews  during  the Holocaust; further,  let  it be known, that the  unveiling  of   "The Wall of Moral Courage,"  in Kehila Kedosha  Janina  Synagogue, will also take place.  Both  events  will  take place  in  the  synagogue, 280 Broome Street, NYC, at 1:00PM, Sunday,  May 21, 2000.

The recipients are:
*   Frederikos Sueref, who saved Isaac, Rosa; Daniel and Leon Soussis in Corfu.
*   Dr. Vasilis  Ragopoulos,  who saved Heinz and Salvator Kounio at Melk Concentration Camp.
*   Sophia, Ellie and Aliki IIiadou, who saved Pepo Matalon, Alfredo
and Raoul Saltiel in the mountains north of Athens.
*   Vasilis Perseides, who saved Isaac, Dora, Joya and Bezalel Cohen
in Marathona.
*   Angelis  and  Maria  Vasileiou  and  children,  who  saved  Maikis, Belina, Losa and Miriam Katalan in Euboia.
*   Georgos Karantzas, one of the signers of Archbishop Damaskinos' appeal who also stamped false ID cards for many Jews in Athens.

Additionally, the AFGJ will be presenting a special award to the Greek Resistance Movement, both  EAM/ELAS  and EDES  for their work in saving Jews throughout Greece during the Occupation.

We  invite  all  interested  parties  to  attend.  The  Consul General of
Greece will  be there and will address the audience.  The event will be covered by the international press and a reception will follow.

President:  Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos
Vice President:  Isaac Dostis
Secretary:  Stella Levi
Treasurer:  Hy Genee
Public Relations:  Asher Matathias
As a child  growing up,  I'd heard stories of  General Stefanos Sarafis and of  the role he'd  played in the Greek   Resistance   Army,  but  I was  completely   unaware  of  his
great   contribution  in    rescuing
Greek Jews during WWII. It  was only  after   my   fourth    trip   to
Israel   ( Oct - Nov  2000 )    that I'd  discovered  this  truth,  which would  change   my  life   forever. Because   my   great   uncle  died in  1957, he was unable to attend the "Awards  of  Moral  Courage" ceremony.  But I believe one day, he   will   receive   a    far  greater reward,  not only  for his struggle to  reintroduce  democracy to  his beloved   Greece,    but   for    his unselfish   acts   of    love,    care, and  concern  fo r   G-D's  Chosen People,  Israel.

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Association of Friends of Greek Jewry
c/o Kehila Kedosha of Janina - 280 Broome Street, New York, NY  10002
by Asher Matathias
-  Honoring Greek Christians who risked their lives to save Greek Jews during the Holocaust  -
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