by Emanuel A. Winston
Pope John Paul, speaking for the Catholic world, has indicated that the leaders of the Church of Rome are no longer supposed to teach that Jews are to be held responsible for the death of the Jew, Jesus.  However, having deeply instituted this bias which continues to this day, little real effort has been made to de-program their followers' prejudicial mind-set.

Pope John Paul recently visited Jerusalem to demonstrate that he presumably understood and recognized what anti-Semitism, as taught by the Church, had done to the Jewish people for 2000 years.  Was he telling the Jewish people and all his Catholic flock that he recognized 2000 years of persecution, culminating in the deaths of 6 million Jews, was something taught by the Church
but now it had to end?  If, indeed, that is what he meant to convey as his message to the world, regrettably it did not get through.

At this very time, the Pope and the Curia of the Vatican stand as if time stood still and returned to the war years of the
Holocaust. Silence can be defined as many things but, clearly, it is long practiced  'artful avoidance'.  All over Europe anti-
Semitism has again risen up with the Holy See once again silent.  The occasional general appeal for "peace in the Middle East" does not specify that Terrorist attacks cease against Jews and Israelis.  The Pope and his advisors know this general message of "Peace" has no effect at all on Christian Europe and zero influence on the political intentions of the Muslim 'Jihadists'.  We
again observe the Church trying to protect its properties now under control of Arafat, much as they did during Hitler's reign.

In Germany, France, Spain and, most all Eruope, there seems to be unrestrained joy in once again pursuing Jews on the streets.  Jews are told not to dress or look like Jews lest they be assaulted by Muslims; skinheads and the same anti-Semitic thugs who mixed rage and joy in attacking Jews 60 years ago.

Why doesn't the Pope say something straight out to his European Christians without resorting those platitudes that sound like a politician offering something for everyone while offending no one?

Why cannot the Pope say to Europe and the World that anti-Semitism is a crime against G-d and man?

Will we again have to wait until World War Three ends for another agreement from the Vatican to open its files as to why the Jews were killed while the Vatican remained silent?

The Europeans, as Christians have put away their differences with Islam and made common cause with the Muslims who have pledged quite openly the deaths of the Jews first and the Christians, next.

What does that remind you of?

Was it the Church who joined forces with the unholy Nazis to advance, if not conclude, their age-old war with the Jews?  Did
the Pope Pius XII understand that the Hell on earth, driven by the devil Hitler, was only possible because Pope Pius XII did nothing - denials notwithstanding?

Is that all to be repeated now that this Pope John Paul is embracing Arafat, today's Hitler?

Will the silence of the Vatican continue as it has, even as the Jews continue to be attacked by army after army of Arab Muslims, swearing to do what Hitler didn't finish?

Know this, your Holiness:  All those who went before you and worshiped a Jewish man whom Christians accept as their [L-rd] Jesus, have, without a doubt, entered the lowest levels of Hell for their cruely to the Jewish people. 

Does any Christian of an denomination truly believe that the Jew they call Jesus will welcome them for the butchery done to
[His] family and [His] people in [His] name?  The Roman torture instrument, the cross, used to crucify the enemies of Rome has marched before Christians as a banner of death in their killing of the Jewish people. 

The cross invariably was there when Jews were hanged, burned, tried before hooded clerics who sentenced them as heretics. 
The Jewish people, who G-d chose for His Covenant, were judged to be unholy and heretics by people who anointed
themselves judges of the Church.  In brief, the Church accused G-d of making a mistake in choosing the Jews for His Covenant
and not having the foresight to see that Judaism was to be supplanted by Christianity.

Are the Jews once again to stand before the Christians of Europe and be judged an enemy of the Muslims and the Arab world
just as they were judged as enemies of the German people?

Is this insanity that surrounded the Church, once again, to erupt as it has so many times over the centuries?  Haven't rivers of Jewish blood satiated the need to prove to your satisfaction that you are the rightful heirs to the Covenant made with the Jews?  Go and calim whatever it is you want from G-d.  Present your demands.  Claim whatever you demand of G-d or the Jew who
you call His [Son].  No doubt, G-d will sign your 'deed' as soon as you can find Him (G-d).

If, however, new thoughts have entered the Church and the killing of Jews is no longer acceptable sport, then you must say this directly to the Christians of Europe.  The messge cannot be one that speaks of peace without directing it specifically and repeatedly to the Christians who are now rampaging against the Jews of Europe.

If the Pope again remains silent as his predecessors did, then he sends the message that he approves and participates in the
murder of Jews and the Jewish State by his silence.

One other thing!  Embracing Yassir Arafat or pretending alliance with the goals of the expanding influence of Islam, by using the fight against the Jews as 'common cause', will not buy Christianity, compassion and friendship from the Islamists".  Their homiliy:  "First the Friday people (the Jews); and then the Sunday people (the Christians)" is operational in today's world.

As the early doctrine of the Church was to replace Judaism with Christianity, similarly, Islam's doctrine of  'Jihad' (Holy War) plans to replace both Judaism and Christianity with a Global Islamic Khalifah (Islamic State).

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Silence of The Vatican by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst and commentator, January 10, 2003
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