by Joseph Farah, Editor WorldNetDaily
There's a rise in anti-Semitism around the world.

We see it rearing its ugly head again in Europe.  And we see it even more clearly in the loathsome rhetoric and unspeakable, self-destructive violence in the Middle East.

My theory about the roots of anti-Semitism is quite simple.  It is manifest in those in rebellion against the G-D of the Bible.

Why would those at war with G-D hate Jews?  Because the Jews are the recipients of a unique promise made by G-D.  They are the chosen people -- chosen not because they are a superior people, but because they were a downtrodden people whose miraculous accomplishments and longevity could serve only to glorify the G-D responsible for them.  If this people could be destroyed - or even marginalized to the point of irrelevance in the world - then G-D Himself would, in effect, be defeated, dethroned, delegitimized. 

That's my theory.

But what about the apparent rise in anti-Semitism from people who are not at war with the G-D of the Bible - people who claim
to be followers of that G-D?

Last week, WorldNetDaily published a disturbing story of vile anti-Semitism by Arab "Christian" clergymen.

Some of those quoted called for a new crusade against the Jews.  Others called the Jews "Satanic."  Still others cited the bogus "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" as the source book for their hatred.

Why are at least some Arab Christians - including men in leadership positions - adopting the anti-Jewish rhetoric of the most extreme Islamics?

I can think of a few reasons for this puzzling phenomenon: 

*  Christians have been badly persecuted themselves in the Middle East for a long time - and conditions are actually getting
worse.  The vast majority of Arab Christians long ago fled the region.  Many of  those who remain have tried to make their "separate peace" with the dominate Muslims.  Some believe they can curry favor with the Islamic majority by citing with them against the Jews.

*  Israel has sometimes contributed to Arab Christian skepticism about the Jews by abandoning them in Lebanon, in Bethlehem,
in Nazareth and elsewhere.  In its attempt to bend over backward to accommodate and appease its Islamic adversaries, Israel has forgotten about - even neglected - those with whom they could have formed a strategic alliance and found common cause. 

*  Some of those so-called "Christians" pointing fingers at the Jews for their problems are impostors.  They may be cultural Christians.  They may be Christians by heritage.   But they are hardly spiritual followers of Jesus of Nazareth - the Jewish carpenter, the Rabbi from Galilee.

This last reason for the seething anti-Semitism of some "Christians" Arabs may sound harsh, judgmental, even condemnatory.  Maybe so.  But my words are true.

Though non of us can judge another's heart, we are commanded to "know them by their fruit."

What kind of fruit does vicious anti-Semitism produce?  Bad fruit.  Rotten fruit.  Deadly fruit.

I think this lesson applies equally to those so-called "Christians" in the west who show their anti-Semitic colors.  These people,
too, are indeed in rebellion against G-D.  They do not serve the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They are serving a different
god or gods.

Anti-Semitism is by definition anti-Christian.  Christians serve the G-D of the Hebrews.  The Christians' G-D chose the Jews as
His people and made a special covenant with them.  Their Savior came to earth as a Jew.  Most of the early church was
comprised of Jews. 

"Anti-Jewish Christian" is thus an oxymoron.

The Good News for Christians and Jews is that the vast majority of Christians - particularly those in the West - are instinctively, intuitively and reflexively supporters of Israel and the Jewish desire for a homeland safe and secure from attacks by the haters. 
In fact, though it hasn't always been true, the church today is the Jews' greatest ally in the world.

There have always been evils deeds committed in the name of Christianity.  There have always been wolves in sheeps' clothing.  There have always been haters posing as the pure in heart. 

But G-D is still on the throne.  His promises are indeed forever.  He's got a plan and the Jews are part of it.

And that's what really bugs the anti-Semites. 

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