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January 23, 2003
Parents of more than 100 Danish scouts were outraged over a game of tag at a scout camp in which children acted as Jews
wearing yellow stars of David and tried to escape from adults pretending to be Nazis. 

The group of about 160 scouts, aged 11-14, included a dozen teenagers from the Danish-speaking minority in northern
Germany.  The school yard was turned into a concentration camp with swastikas on the windows. 

"I was shocked," Johanna Christiansen, a German woman, told the Ekstra Bladet newspaper today.

"It's wrong to expose children to this," said Christiansen, whose two daughters took part.

The local branch of the Danish Christian FDF  scout organization planned the game last weekend at the Kongeaadal school,
160 miles south west of Copenhagen.

Jes Imer of the local FDF chapter told the taploid BT that they "may have crossed the line this time with a night game where
Nazis chase Jews."

The school yard included a sign with the German words "Arbeit macht frei", or "Work will set you free",  the infamous
inscription over the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

"I don't know whether I should apologize," Imer told BT adding:  "I didn't want the game to hurt anyone."

None of those involved could be reached for further comment.

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