A JERUSALEM INSIGHT:   Americans and Israelis are Brothers Indeed
by Rabbi Moshe Kempinsky

Last night the American Ambassador, Daniel Kurtzer said the following words, "Americans and Israelis are brothers indeed, on earth and in space."  He was right.  Words that will ring even truer as time proceeds.

Our hearts are broken for seven families as Shabbat ended.  It broke for two peoples whose pain mingles across the ocean.  It broke for dreams that lay shattered and hopes that remained unfulfilled.

We in Israel have learnt that it is impossible to grow accustomed to these untimely deaths.  We feel and share the pain of our friends across the ocean, as we mourn for our friend who is no more.

Last week as IIan Ramon was drifting over the earth he sent a message to Israeli President Katsav.  He described his
experiences and his love for his homeland.  He described flying over Israel "This wasn't the first time," wrote Ramon, "but
this time was the best of all."  He saw Jerusalem clearly, and while gazing at the capital he recited the words of the Shema: 
"Hear O Israel, the L-rd, our G-d, the L-rd is One."

That same week his wife sent him a song.  The song called Shirat Hanogah are even more appropriate today... regrettably.  It
is a song we here in Israel share with the people of America and the seven families.

moshe kempinski

Will you hear my voice so far away from me
Will you hear my voice where ever you are
A strong voice praying silently
Sending a blessing over time
This land is large and has many paths
We meet for but a moment and separate for ever
A human asks but his legs falter
He may never find what he lost
My last day is probably very close
Near is the day of good bye tears
I will wait for you until my life will end
Like Rachel waited for her lover.
A JERUSALEM INSIGHT: Americans and Israelis are brothers indeed.
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