by Jack Engelhard
THIS JUST IN!  Guess what?  There is no anti-Semitism.  You didn't know this, did you?  I didn't, either.  But it's fact.
There are no anti-Semites ... never were.

Pharoah said, hey, here's a thought; let's blame the Jews.  Ditto Haman and Hitler and so many others ... but they weren't
anti-Semitic.  Just ask them, if you could.  Rep. James P. Moran, Jr. (D.VA.) was asked.  Read his lips, as he protested just
the other day:  "I know in my heart that I am anything but anti Semitic."

This, right after he accused Jews "for pushing the country to war with Iraq."  But he is not anti-Semitic.  Notice... he said so himself.

Has any person ever stated:  "I am an anti-Semite?"  Never.  See what I mean?  There are no anti-Semites.  Zero.

Amiri Baraka, poet laureate of New Jersey who blames Jews, and other Americans, for 9/11, is not anti-Semitic.  In his own words, he is very clear on this, as are those professors and students who gave him a standing ovation at Yale.  Here's a bet.  Among the thousands at Yale and Rutgers and Harvard and Columbia and Berkeley, professors and students who applaud
the murder of Jews, not a single one is anti-Semitic.  If you don't believe me, just ask them.

All along I thought the world was full of anti-Semites -- what a relief!

Pat Buchanan is not an anti-Semite.  Neither is his CNN partner Bill Press.  They both agree, from the Left and from the Right, that Israel is WRONG.  But they are not anti-Semitic.

Hey, just because you hate Israel, that doesn't mean ....

They speak not with forked tongue.  They've got the goods, the facts, Amiri Baraka reminds his many (many) fans that he
has the facts.

Even Jews are not self-hating or anti-Semitic.  Here's a headline from Haaretz -- "HAARETZ JOURNALIST AMIRA HASS WINS WORLD FREEDOM PRIZE."  Amira ("Israel is apartheid")  Hass gets $25,000 from UNESCO because she has the courage "to look at the facts and understand them."

Same could be said for virtually all of Haaretz, and all of the news media -- they've got the facts.  Supporters of Israel do not
have the facts.  See?

Baseball umpire Bruce Froemming is not anti-Semitic.  He made an anti-Jewish slur, but so what?  "There was no anti-
Semitism whatsoever on my part."  From his very own tongue.  The rulers of baseball must have agreed because they only slapped him with a 10-day suspension, whereas people who make ugly remarks against other minorities are ruined for life.  (Jimmy the Greek and Howard Cosell learned their lessons.)

Jesse (Hymietown) Jackson is not anti-Semitic.  Ask him.  He'll tell you.  Louis Farrakhan?  How dare you?

The witnesses for the persecution of Jonathan Pollard ... all, surely, clean.  Nope, not a single anti-Semite anyhwere in the
World!  Jacques, Kofi, Nelson, Phil, Noam, Hanan, Yasser, Casper ... all kosher.

All you have to do is ask.  Not me.  Them!  They'll tell you:  Who me?  Anti-Semitic?

Edward Said, Robert Novak, Georgie Anne Geyer, James Baker... good people.  PEACE NOW is not an anti-Semitic
organization.  They love peace, remember, and the UN?  Wonderful people.

What a wonderful world!  All you hear is Love and Peace.  Those marchers love Love and love Peace.  They love Freedom
You saw those placards... "Free Palestine."

All they want is Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Motherhood, Unclehood and Cousinhood.  Go ahead, find me a single anti-Semitic professor or college student.

You can't blame them for blaming Israel.  Those five million Israelis are oppressing those 200 million Arabs. Those elite professors and students -- is it any wonder they've embraced the Palestinian Arab cause?  Over and again, from bus to bus,
the Palestinian Arabs keep proving that they are a peace-loving people.

Arafat and company, students, surely, of Paine and Jefferson, are ready for democracy.

What's the name of that actor?  You know.  He played a detective, always had a lollipop rolling in his mouth and liked to
say... "Who loves ya, baby!"

They LOVE us, baby!
Jack Engelhard is the author of the international bestseller "Indecent Proposal" and is a former radio and newspaper editor covering the Mideast
and former American volunteer in the Israeli Defense Forces.  His columns can be read online at:
and he can be reached at JackEngelhard
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