by Gary M. Cooperberg,  March 26, 203
Jack Straw, the British foreign minister, is continuing the British tradition of Jew hatred.  He has of late been suggesting that
the UN was quick to exercise an imposition of force against Iraq for failing to comply with UN resolutions; yet when it came
to imposing the same force upon Israel for also failing to comply with resolutions, it was dragging its feet.

While the words may sound reasonable the facts clearly indicate a blatant anti Israel bias.  The Iraqi government has presented
a clear and present danger to the world.  Aside from supporting terrorist organizations, it has been developing very dangerous
weapons of mass destruction.  It was this same Iraq which, about twelve years ago, was about to complete construction of a
nuclear plant which could have turned the Middle East into an inferno. 
At that time it was only the tiny State of Israel which
had the courage to just go in with three fighter jets and blast that plant into smithereens ... without consulting the UN
The British and others had nothing but condemnation for Israel's violating international air space and attacking
Iraq.  But it was this act that saved us from a likely nuclear holocaust.

George Bush was exercising his responsibility as leader of the free world when he decided to go in and disarm Saddam Hussein.
He wanted and expected support from the world body, but his moral obligation to take action superceded the incompetence
and foot dragging of the UN.  Of course few wish to admit that the UN has its hands tied behind its back owing to the
tremendous influence exerted upon it by Islamic nations which do not want to see the US meddling in the Middle East.

For Straw to dare make a comparison between a mad dictator who may be approaching the ability to initiate a nuclear war,
with Israeli refusal to submit to terrorist demands to create a foreign state upon her sovereign soil is a moral outrage.  It is
grounds for Israel to recall her ambassador to England, and to expel England's ambassador to Israel until a profound apology is
made and Straw is removed from his post.

Straw's comments are particularly dangerous in that they may well set the stage for an attempt at an international imposition of
Israeli surrender to the demands of the PLO! 
No international body has the right to impose restrictions upon the sovereignty
of any nation unless it is clearly an act of self defense, such as the situation in Iraq.
To demand that Israel create a PLO state
on her own soil is not only to violate Israel's sovereignty, it is to aid and abet terrorist enemies of Israel in their attempt to
destroy her.  This is tantamount to an act of war against the Jewish State!  I suppose Straw has never forgiven us for throwing
England out of our country.

If the Israeli government does not act swiftly and harshly in reaction to these statements, it will soon find that the so called
"Road Map" will become a death warrant.

The first Project Shofar mission to Israel, designed especially to reinforce the recognition of those who see Israel as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, has been postponed to early November.  Although we expect ;most, of not all of our visitors to be Christians, it will not be a Christian tour.  We will visit Biblical sites, but concentrate on the continuation of the Biblical narrative as we see Jews rebuilding their homeland and returning from all over the
world, relearning the ancient Hebrew language and raising a new generation in the Land of our Fathers.  It will be a unique opportunity to see Israel
close up.  The Land is welcoming her children and bearing her fruit as in the days of old.  You can reserve a place on this tour by sending a check for
$250 as a deposit.  For more information call our Florida office, toll free, at 1-800-376-0302.

We are hoping to attract at least two hundred people who would dare express their faith in G-d by standing with Israel at this crucial time.  This is a
unique opportunity to promote support for Biblical Zionism and to get a close up view of the Land and the people who are being maligned in the world press.  It is a sure way to bring true blessing to its participants and their loved ones.
Project Shofar is dedicated to spreading these truths wherever it is possible to do so.  It is sounding the alarm, to Jew and Gentile alike, to open our
eyes to the G-dly process that is presently underway, and work to support it.  We dare not stand idly on the sidelines.
If you want to support the concepts espoused by the Voice of Hebron, the the physical work of Project Shofar, you can send a tax deductible
contribution to:  Project Shofar, Inc., -  P.O. Box 181191 - Casselberry, FL  32718
Those who are in a position to invite Gary Cooperberg to speak to their local groups may contact him directly at:
gary@projectshofar.org. Gary makes regular speaking tours to the states and strives to reach out to all who express an interest in the ongoing process of Zionist Redemption, Jew and Gentile alike.  An observant Jew, Gary will not enter into a church sanctuary, but will be happy to address groups in a social hall or other secular location.
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