by Emauel A. Winston
The deadly flower of Jewicide is once again budding and ready to bloom.  It is a slow growing plant so that, to Jews, its growth
is hardly perceptible or, at least, not so troubling in each stage that it cannot be adjusted to. 

Our ability to adapt has even given rise to songs as in the musical "Candide" by Leonard Bernstein:  "I am so easily assimilated".  Recall, for example, how the Jews of Germany slowly, so slowly accepted the deterioration of their status as citizens until they were thrust into a lifestyle that dehumanized them.  It did not happen all at once.  "So what if we have to wear a yellow arm-
band with a Jewish star."  "So what if Jewish professors were denied teaching status or their classes boycotted by the Hitler Youth."  Each step down was absorbed and acclimated to. 

Having been religiously harassed throughout the centuries, we Jews developed psychological defense mechanisms to preserve our dignity, if not, our sanity.  Jewish leadership invariably cautioned silence or the pretense that the deadly flower of Jewicide was not about to fully blossom.  Their call to action invariably arrived too late or not at all.

Jews were desperately gullible, wishing to believe any gesture of friendship, always hoping that the handshake will be honored -- as we honored it.  We Jews, even as we get on trains to death camps and even as we walk into the gas showers, we desperately want to believe the assuring words, the friendly smiles, the classical music -- up to the very minutes.  We know in our hearts
that the words and smiles are false but, we dismiss our suspicions and we always pay the ultimate price.

All of this is happening again - now.  The Jews of Israel, the Jews of America and South America, the Jews of Europe are first beginning to express concern.  Regrettably, if our past is any indication of our people's future, our level of concern ought to be reaching an alarming peak.  Instead, it seems as if in today's Jewish world, both leaders and the Jewish people are "adapting" to
a threat which could sadly herald our extinction.

Arnold Toynbee, the great historian, expressed professional surprise that the Jewish civilization had not yet gone the way of the Roman Empire or other now extinct civilizations.  The word:  "Anti-Semitism" has passed into the common lexicon and no
longer implies the threat it once did.  However, it is time to find a new expression which more accurately and immediately expressed our peril - like the word I coined:  "Jewicide".

Jewicide can be viewed through the lens of Genocide, Homicide and Suicide because it is all these things.  There are those Jews
who will immediately drop into state of denial.  'Nothing unusual is happening", they will tell you.  Similarly, our adversaries
will also adopt 'denial', telling us and themselves that they have no designs on our lives, our civilization, our religion or the epicenter of our roots, Israel.  Everyone is in agreement that all is well, except a few trouble makers that "Shrei Gevalt" (Scream
to G-d).

Some Jews retain their long term national memory of our unique history and have sensitized antennae which are tuned to those slow moving danger signals.  We observe that deadly flower of Jewicide budding, with a few blossoms starting to spring open.

What are some of these signals which the Jewish leadership stare at with benign neglect?  Without any attempt to list them in
order of importance or timeliness consider the congregation of nations in the United Nations representing over 5 Billion people.

When was the last time Israel was given a vote of confidence, let alone the benefit of the doubt on any issue in the U.N.?  With
some very few exceptions, the U.N., either in their Security Council or their General Assembly votes to condemn Israel, mostly driven by the block of Arab nations.  For some Jews, this is a trivial matter which they believe will pass away in time.  For
others, we realize that the votes and permanent hostility are cumulative and building toward a crisis for Israel and for Jews

The E.U. (European Union) has a general consensus that the 7 wars  **  launched by the Arab nations had merit.  Somehow, in judging Israel and her irritating stubbornness at staying alive by not losing one war the Arabs have initiated, we see a transformation in the practice of Jewicide.  Most of the European nations did their very best to assist Hitler in his crusade of Genocide of the Jewish people.  Now they h ave joined Islam's Crusade against Israel, ignoring the reality that Islam also seeks their demise and/or conversion globally.

There was a general opinion that, after the Holocaust murdered 6 million Jews, leaving approximately 15 million Jews spread thinly over the planet, the Jewish people were finished as a civilization.  Even the token gesture of partioning a Jewish State for
the embarrassing remnants of the Holocuast was not anticipated to survive the massive assault promised by all Arab/Muslim nations.

This partition by the U.N. occured after 70% of the designated homeland for the Jewish people as set forth in the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was cut off at the Jordan River by Winston Churchill to appease Abdullah who came from the Arabian Peninsula to threaten French-controlled Lebanon.  Israel was scheduled for elimation by those who reluctantly voted for her partition and the Arab/Muslim nations pledged to insure her occupation.

The survival of the Jewish State of Israel in the face of overwhelming Arab numbers, well-armed by the West and the other Arab/Muslim nations, shocked the Europeans as well as the Arabists in the U.S. State Department.  Israel was not on anyone's schedule to survive more than a few months after its declaration of Independent Statehood on May 14, 1948.  Except for the
Jews and Bible-believing Christians; no one was pleased that the Jews had beaten 7 Arab armies ***,  armed and backed by the Europeans.

Even the United States, under President Harry Truman, embargoed arms to Israel, anticipating his political troubles caused by recognizing Israel's Statehood, would be solved by the Arab Legions.

Presently, a deadly flower is rising, called the "Road Map" offered by the "Quartet" (the U.S. State Department, the U.N., the E.U. and Russia).  They took what President Bush promised the Arabs in June 2002, revised it, took away any requirements for compliance by the Arab Palestinians and placed all the onerous restrictions upon Israel.  Now the "Quartet" refuses to accept Israel's objections to the dismantling of her sovereignty and security.

No one, except most of the Jewish leadership in Israel and America, is under any illusion that either the Arab Palestinians or the Arab/Muslim nations have given up their long-term, oft-stated plans to liquidate the Jewish State and occupy the land of Israel
for Islam.  However, in the interim and according to Islamic custom, any agreement may be offered to their adversary until the Muslims have gained sufficient strength and resources to re-engage the enemy.

The radical Left in Israel, having observed their failed plan of Oslo - which assumed pacification of the Arab Palestinians - cling
to their failure with a desperation born out of the fear of personal irrelevancy, stupidity and uselessness.  They have joined the "Quartet", hoping that the earlier failure of Oslo could be erased by the extraordinary pressure exerted by the "Quartet".  (Note!  While the title "Quartet" connotes a certain harmony and 'bon ami', the fact is that the "Quartet" now seems to represent most of the hostile nations of this planet - as are embodied in the United Nations.)

What to do?

The remaining Jews of this world may have to abruptly awaken and not be so accomodating.  There is a time to be angry:  there is
a time to use civil disobedience:  and there is a time not to be so ready to calmly adjust to plans thrust upon us. 

We must recognize that there are plans in the works to placate the Muslim/Arabs by offering the Arab Palestinians a State in the heartland of the Jewish State of Israel with Jerusalem as its capital.  How can anyone hypothesize that a democratic Arab state
can be established where none exists presently anywhere in the entire Arab world?

Most Jewish academics, joining the majority of the political left in academia, are willing to take the risk - in the name of the
Jewish State.  The risk being that - another Arab Palestinian State West of the Jordan River would instantly become a safe haven for most of the world's Islamic Terrorist organizations, in addition to maintaining close operational connections to the Terrorist-supporting Arab/Muslim countries of Iran, Syria and Iraq (if it is left in one piece after Operation Iraqi Freedom).

At this time the Jewish leadership in Israel is going along with the idea that other nations have the right to arrange the future of
the Jewish State and challenge her survival as well as her sovereignty.  There is a certain pretense that Israel is an equal and
willing partner rather than that she is actually being herded along by the U.S. State Department with affirmative statements by President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Jews as a minority in most host nations, have learned to keep a low profile and not protest too much.  A key question now,
given the lessons of accepting the creeping debasement in the past with such disastrous results (as in the Holocaust) are we
doing it again?  Or, rather, are they doing it again?

Words of the past like "scape-goating" are loaded with meaning for the Jews but are often ignored.  Throughout history, Jews
have been blamed for failed wars, for bubonic plague, for economies that go into hyper-inflation where bushels of Deutschmarks could not buy a loaf of bread.  The Catholic Church and some Protestant denominations have taught that Jews successful in medicine, business, trade of any sort, succeed because they are in league with the devil.  By demonizing the Jews, it makes it
possible for them to annihilate Jews without being bothered by their consciences.  This also squares the circle of having a Jewish son of G-d as their G-d while eliminating His family and the roots of His existence.

March 31st, we heard that very gentle and intelligent lady, Condelezza Rice, speaking for President Bush, tell a Jewish audience
at the annual AIPAC (American-Isarel Political Action Committee) Policy Conference that they (the Bush Administration) has
a plan to pacify the Arab Palestinians and bring peace to the region.  While I admire Condelezza Rice, I am astounded by her "Chutzpah" (Nerve) in assuring a beleaguered nation that we (the Bush Administration) have found a solution to Arab/Muslim belligerency to the Jewish State of Israel which challenges the existence of Jews and their Covenant with a  G-d Who makes no mistake in His Judgment.

Ms. Rice said at the same time that 4000 Arab Palestinians volunteered as Homicide Bombers against American troops in Iraq.  Even as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell were warning Syria to cease arming Saddam's Iraq, they were promising the Israeli people that Arabs would keep a peace via signed agreements. 

Even as both Rice and Powell were offering assurances to the AIPAC assembly, it was reported that Israel's visiting foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom was informed by President Bush that the American government does not intend to make any changes in the "Road Map" plan as drafted by the U.S. State Department.  That means that Sharon's 100+ revisions will be ignored and the Plan will be non-negotiable - denials notwithstanding.  Thus, as I mentioned earlier, all promises and assurances made to the
Jewish State are virtually worthless from the onset.

President Bush has warned the American people that a mix of Arab Terrorists planted in the United States in "sleeper Terror
cells" may very well unleash Terror with WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).  This and much more have been the record of unremitting hostility against America and Israel.  I am sure that Condelezza Rice and President Bush believe that they have a solution to erase an age-old hatred.  But, they are naive or we are to accept their beliefs.

Meetings to decide the fate of the Jewish people have occurred with distrubing frequency over the centuries.  Usually the 'judges'
did not have the best interests of the Jews in mind.  From the destruction of both Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount in
Jerusalem, to Church fathers re-arranging the lives of Jews, to the aristocracy of Spain expelling their Jews, through pogroms in Russia, descending to the depths in Hitler's Wannsee Conference where the "Final Soluton to the Jewish Question" was decided
to elimiate all the Jews in Europe and the world once it was conquered by the Nazis' Third Reich.  In all of the above, the
confiscation of all assets, all properties, cancellations of all debts owed to the Jews - accompanied the local Jewicide - throughout history.  History can be instructive if you remember it and apply the lessons.

With all good intentions of the Bush Administration, to offer another plan for a "Jewish Solution" flies in the face of an almost unbroken history of Jewicide.  Putting Israel into the hands of European and Arab/Muslims, relying on their future good will and their firmly established track record for breaking all agreements with Jews or the Jewish nation does not inspire confidence (to
say the least).

For the first time in ages, Jews have their destiny in their own hands in their own land.  So far, they have succeeded in protecting themselves from surrounding hostile Mulsim/Arab nations who have usually been supported by European nations with
financially vested interests.

The proposed "Road Map" from President Bush, modified by the "Quartet", is designed to place the safety of Jews and Israel
into other hands, with a confidence-building overview by America or monitors from the E.U. or NATO.  The sad fact is that,
once this process is in motion, all good intentions aside, America cannot prevent the Arab/Muslim nations nor the Arab Palestinians from attacking Israel from a stable operational base called the New State of Palestine.

Israeli leadership, with support from World Jewry, should politely refuse with a very firm 'NO! Thank You!".  Nor should the Jewish establishment in America wait quietly before they firmly impress on the Bush Administration and the "Quartet" that
they will agressively resist using Israel as payment to the Arab/Muslim nations for this necessary war to remove Saddam and
his WMD (Weapons of Mass Death).

The historical experiment in Jewicide must be stopped NOW  and NEVER AGAIN be accepted by the Jewish people.  If we
again wait to "Shrei Gavlat", perhaps we deserve everything intended for us.

###**7 Wars of Arab/Muslim Aggression:  1948 (War of Independence), 1956 (Sinai Campaign), 1967 (Six Days War), 1970-71 (War of Attrition), 1973 (Yom Kippur War), 1982 (War to Prevent PLO Attack from Lebanon), 1991 (Saddam's First Persian
Gulf War).

***7 Arab armies who attacked Israel the day after she declared independence:  May 14, 1948; Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq.  Sources:  "Diplomacy by Other Means" by Thomas Friedman NEW YORK TIMES & "Battleground:  Facts & Fantasy in Palestine" by Samuel Katz Bantam/Steimatsky 1973.

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