Stand for Israel Capitol Hill Update, April 21, 2003
The same United Nations that was unable to seriously confront Saddam Hussein and his murderous regime has gone back to its
long pattern of bashing Israel.  The 53 member U.N. Commission on Human Rights voted overwhelmingly  (33-to-5, with 15 abstaining) to "strongly condemn"  Israel's use of military force in Palestinian areas calling it a "an aggression against humanity and
a flagrant violation of human rights."

The commission quickly passed over the reason Israel has moved militarily into some West Bank communities - the constant terrorist attacks that have taken the lives of hundreds of Israeli civilians, including women and children.  But that's not all.  The Commission members not only condemned Israel's self-defense, they went even further and denounced the security wall Prime Minister Sharon has authorized in order to stop terrorists from entering Israel in the first place.

Finally, the Commission demanded the end of home building of Jewish families in what the U.N. refers to as the "occupied territories."  But Christians and Jews know that those territories are the Biblical Judea and Samaria in which Jews have lived for thousands of years.

Such attacks on Israel are more understandable when one considers that Libya is the chair of the Human Rights Commission. 
This is the same U.N. that has placed Syria -- notorious for its support and encouragement of Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations  as well as its recent harboring of Iraqi leaders who fled their country after the collapse of the Hussein regime -- on the Security Council. Other brutal states, including Sudan, where the government there has sold Christians into slavery, are members in good standing of the Human Rights Commission.  Little wonder that the U.N. has lost its moral authority to lead the war against terrorism.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews [along with other significant organizations] is doing everything we can to expose the U.N. Commision's anti-American and anti-Israeli agenda.  I am urging the Bush Administration to continue to vote against these resolutions, and continue to courageously lead the world and the coalition of the willing in winning the war against terrorism.
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