Yad Vashem Responds to Romanian Government's Statement
That "There Was No Holocaust In Romania"
Sunday, June 15, 2003
Yad Vashem objects to the Romanian government's statement that "there was no Holocaust inside Romanian borders between
the years 1940-1945."  Yad Vashem emphasizes that this statement is false and without factual basis especially in light of the
fact that the murder of Jews in greater Romania during the Holocaust has already been established.  Yad Vashem has only
recently published a comprehensive book by Dr. John Ancel detailing the roots of the Holocaust in greater Romania, illustrating
that during the Holocaust 420,000 Jews were murdered in greater Romania (240,000 were Romanian citizens, 180,000 were
citizens of the FSU).

"This research indicates that the Romanian government in Bucharest together with the Romanian army and the Romanian police
bear direct responsibility for the murder of a large number of the Jews in greater Romania during World War II," adds Chairman
of the Yad Vashem Directorate, Avner Shalev.  "The information is based on documents that were collected from archives worldwide, including archives in Romania that are now located at Yad Vashem and available to researchers."

"It is difficult to believe that a country which endeavors to establish a democratic regime would present such a distorted version
of historical events," says Shalev.
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