Autobiography of Malcolm X,  Grove Press Incorp., New York, 1965
He had made greater contributions to Germany than Germans themselves had.  Jews had won over half of Germany's Nobel
Prizes.  Every culture in Germany was led by Jews; he published the greatest poets, composers, and stage directors.  But those Jews made a fatal mistake -- assimilating.

From World War I to Hitler's rise, the Jews in Germany had been increasingly intermarrying.  Many changed their names and
many took other religions.  Their own Jewish religion, their own rich Jewish ethnic and cultural roots, they anesthetized, and
cut off... until they began thinking of themselves as "Germans."

And the next thing they knew, there was Hitler, rising to power over the beer halls -- with his emotional "Aryan master race" theory.  And right at hand for a scapegoat was the self-weakened, self-deluded "German" Jew.  Most mysterious is how did
these Jews -- with all their brilliant minds, with all of their power in every aspect of Germany's affairs -- how did those Jews
stand almost as if mesmerized, watching something which did not spring upon them overnight, but which was gradually
developed -- a monstrous plan for their own murder.  Their self-brainwashing had been so complete that not long after, in the
gas chambers, a lot of them were still gasping, "It can't be true!"

If Hitler had conquered the world, as he meant to -- that is a shuddery thought for every Jew alive today.  The Jew never will
forget that lesson...

... and then the Jews set up Israel, their own country -- the one thing that every race of man in the world respects, and
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