Church leaders repudiate faith of Americans backing Israel's rights
WorldNetDaily, July 05, 2003
At a conference this week, Palestinian church leaders declared  American Christians who support Israel's right to the Holy Land based on biblical grounds have no connection to true Christianity.

The three-day event in Bethlehem featured speeches by Archbishop Munib Yunan, Manuel Chassasian and Fr. Marun Laham
who emphasized  "Zionist Christianity is not connected to Christianity in any way,"  the Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported.

The leaders called for the Zionist Christians to be repudiated and discussed holding conferences in the United States to further
the views of Palestinian churches.

In a lecture, conference President Jarris Khouri linked the return of Jesus from Egypt to Israel to the Palestinian aspiration for refugees to return to homes they had before the creation of the modern state of Israel.

Khouri said without such a return there will not be a just peace.

The Speakers said the Christian Zionists are opposed to the U.S. - backed "road map to peace" and are against the Palestinian rights.

[ Eva's note -- Man may attempt to rewrite biblical history,  but G-D's Holy Word will prove him a liar everytime.] 
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