by Uri Dan, New York Post Online Edition, August 2, 2003
[ "When the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews that's when peace will come" - Golda Meir]

August 1, 2003 - Israeli police yesterday shut down an Arab summer camp after a television report showed hundreds of
children shouting 'We want bombs."

Authorities detained two adult organizers of the camp, at Kabul village in the Galilee region of northern Israel, on suspicion of
using it to incite hatred of Israelis and promote the armed Palestinian uprising.

Israel's Channel 10 prompted the raid when it showed a video clip Wednesday night of about 300 campers singing songs in
praise of
"martyrs" -- shahids -- who die in terrorist attacks.

"The best thing to do is die as a shahid for our country," one song went.

The children were also shown marching to the chants of
"Don't want flour, don't want sardines --we want bombs."

The site was called
"Summer Camp of the Return" -- a refererence to the Palestinian demand for the return of all refugees to
Israel -- and each tent was named after a Palestinian refugee camp, the TV report said.

This is all Palestine, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea," a camp instructor, Hadi Sreyr, said.

"We will continue the struggle to victory in liberating Palestine."

One of the campers, Samha Wakim, said Jews should leave the country and go back to
"where they came from, Poland, Russia."

Authorities said the campers, Israeli Arabs from age 5 to teens, were given booklets praising the Palestinian "hero" Yahya
Ayyash, a notorious Gaza Strip bombmaker.

Police said the camp appeared designed as
"propaganda for incitement."

Nizar Eid, an Israeli Education Minsitry representative, said the camp lacked necessary authorization and
"its teachings were
not consistent with the ideas of co-existence most Arabs and Jews support."

Israeli officials have been increasingly concerned about Arab citizens, mainly in northern Israel, who are taking the
Palestinian side in the 33-month conflict.

This week the body of a kidnapped Israeli soldier was found in a shallow grave in what officials called a terrorist murder
carried out with the complicity of Israeli Arabs.

In other developments, negotiations over the transfer of responsibility for security in the West Bank failed because of
disagreement over which towns the Palestinians should take control of. 

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