August 19, 2003

George W. Bush

President of the United States

The White House

Washington, D.C.

Dear President Bush,

We believe you were correct in placing the war on terror at the center of American policy.  As a result, terrorism in Afghanistan
and Iraq is slowly, but steadily being eradicated.  In addition, the terrorist infrastructures of countries that formed the "Axis of
evil" are being controlled.  However, terrorism cannot be conquered without abolishing its center in the Palestinian Autonomy
(PA), and without removing the U.S. double standard which prevents Israel from fighting its war on terror.  The PA prime
minister announces that he will not disband terrorist organizations, and still Israel is pressed to continue with a fraudulent

At the recent news conference with Mr. Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister and Chairman of the European Union, you claimed:
"The states that harbor terrorists will be brought to justice."  The PA not only harbors terrorists - it trains them, although
it denies responsibility for this.  The Quartet's 'roadmap', which the U.S. supports, promises a sovereign state for the "Palestinians."  We believe it is impossible to speak about such a state while terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Al-Fatah, the Abu Nidal Organization, the PLO, the PFLP and others continue to operate there.  In addition,
the PA has been the initiator of the cruelist kind of child abuse, the brainwashing and training of young people to become
suicide bombers, a modern, cheap weapon of mass destruction.

Mr. President, we believe that there can be no talk about establishing a separate " Palestinian" state until the complete dismantlement of the PA terrorist centers has been completed, and the education of the "Palestinian" Arabs is changed from
hatred of Jews and Israel to tolerance, respect, and full recognition of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State.  Even if this is
accomplished, such a state MUST NOT BE ON BIBLICAL LANDS, but on territories in neighboring Arab countries.

Mr. President, in our opinion it would be a great error to establish a new Arab state on BIBLICAL LANDS.  Your steadfast
commitment to keeping Israel intact would be an example to the whole world of morality and political decency.  It would
also provide you with broad support in the coming election.

With deepest respect,

Gary Bauer, Chairman, American Values

Vitaly Raevsky, Chair of Israeli Committee, American Asso., of Jews from the FSU

Leonid Shkolnik, Chief Editor, Newspaper "Forverts" (Russian Edition)

Leonid Stonov, President, American Asso., of Jews from the FSU

Herbert Zweibon, Chairman, Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI
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