by Rabbi Moshe Ben Chaim, August 22, 2003
Pun intended.  Alan Keyes and Roy Moore are standing up for previously what their names indicate,  and why the Ten Commandments were only ten:  G-D intended man to search for worlds of truths, only hinted to in the raw Ten Commands. 
They are truly our 'keys to more knowledge'.   The lessons of these commands don't end with their text.  If  G-D wished man
to simply read and repeat, 'memory' suffices for such activity.  But G-D  gave each man intelligence and free will - the tools for
searching G-D's laws, eventuating in our wider application to all areas of life.  It was this independent thought and loyalty to
G-D's Biblical principles which guided our Founding Fathers.  It is again these principles which guide Roy Moore and Alan
Keyes.  They wish to follow G-D's divine directives, not man's corrupt violation, and distortion of our Constitution.

"One Nation Under G-D"
is the United State's core belief.  No one argues this.  Is it a crime then, to validate our G-D? 
"In G-D We Trust".  Uncontested.  G-D, Who gave morality to man at Sinai, defined what is liberty and what is justice for all. 

G-D's wisdom is deep.  'What' He wrote is equally important to 'why' He omitted.  Why did the tablets have only Ten of the
613 commands.  We see elsewhere (Deut. 27:3) that the entire Bible was written three times on three sets of 12 stones.  So
why didn't the tablets given to Moses at Sinai contain all the commandments too?  The system of G-D's knowledge is one of
'derivation' - all knowledge cannot be contained in writing.  G-D gave us intelligence for the sole purpose of using it.  The
tablets of only ten commands, created a permanent lesson: 
"All is not here, you must study continually to arrive at new ideals
in My infinite sea of knowledge".
Therefore, only the head categories of truths are engraved on these two stones.  Knowledge
is arrived at only through thinking.  Since we require a starting point, G-D inscribed the head categories which would lead the
thinker to all other truths, which may be derived from these ten. 

G-D's Ten Commandments don't only teach truths.  These truths are also in the Bible.  The Ten Commandments were given
separate from the Bible for an important lesson:  Man must use his intelligence to determine what is truth,  and what is false.
Judge Moore and Ambassador Keyes employed this G-D-instructed method to uncover the tragic denial of G-D - our system
of justice cannot exist without Him.  Roy Moore and Alan Keyes understand G-D's directive.  They look at our Constitution
as men created by G-D, guided by G-D's Words.  To remove G-D from the equation is to attack American justice.  To support
G-D's Word on these commands, is an endorsement of our Constitution.

A further corruption is that Moore's opponents attempt not to repress religious expression, but to deny historical truth. 
History, not religion, attests to the event at Mount Sinai where G-D gave His Ten Commandments, just as history attests to
any event.  Sinai and the Ten Commandments are not blind, religious acceptance, but proven historical fact.  Such a miraculous
event would not have survived the millennia, had it never occurred.  The masses at this event testify to its veracity - mass
conspiracy is impossible.  Motive to lie on such a grand scale cannot happen.

Divorcing G-D from our system of Justice is a two-fold crime:  an outright denial of history, and a corruption of our American
justice system.  This is not a religious issue.  The courts have no say in this matter. 

It is a crime that more monuments to G-D's keys to knowledge and morality do not exist.
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International Wall of Prayer "fully" supports Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore  for standing  firm in
his struggle of not removing the monument of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama state judicial building.