Associated Press, September 23, 2002
JERUSALEM --  A Palestinian girl received a kidney from a Scottish student killed in Thursday's suicide bombing -- saving
her life, officials said yesterday.

Yasmin Abu Ramila, 7, a Palestinian from east Jerusalem, had been on a transplant waiting list and undergoing dialysis
treatment for almost two years, an Israeli Health Ministry official said.

A suitable donor became available when Jonathan Jesner, 19, a Jewish seminary student from Scotland, died Friday, a day
after he was wounded when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew up a bus in Tel Aviv.  Jesner and the Israelis were killed.

"The family is very proud that (Jonathan) was able to give life to others," said Ari Jesner, the victim's brother. 
The most
important principle "is that life was given to another human being.  I think it's unimportant what religion, what nationality."

Abu Ramila was in a stable condition following Saturday night's transplant operation, hospital spokeswoman Riva Shaked said.

"I don't know what to say to thank the family of the man killed in the attack," The Maariv daily quoted Abu Ramila's mother,
Rina, as saying.
"I grieve for their loss and thank them for their donation."

Jesner was buried in Jerusalem on Friday.
Courier-Journal, Louisville,KY -  pg. A3
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