Jerusalem Newswire, September 26, 2003
About six weeks before he died Wednesday, globally renowned and beloved Bible teacher and Christian author Dr. Derek Prince told a visiting U.S. Senator international developments today indicated that G-D was busy restoring Israel and judging the nations
of the world.  This affirmation of Prince's belief in the centrality of Israel to events shaping our lives was shared with hundreds of believers and fellow lovers of Zion who gathered in a Jerusalem church Friday for a glorious funeral sevice to send the 88-year-old Briton

After the service, the worshippers followed the coffin through the busy pre-Rosh Hashana city streets to a quiet Christian cemetery in the heart of western Jerusalem, laying Prince's body to rest just meters from where the most recent 'suicide' bomb attack took the lives of seven Israeli Jews.  Dr. Prince saw in Islam's virulent hatred of Israel a major force being used to push Jews and Christians closer together after centuries of animosity, suspicion and fear.

The pastor, teacher and author, who considered Jerusalem his hometown, was discharged from the British Army and re-entered civilian life in the ancient city at the end of World War II, four years before Israel's national homeland was reborn.  One night in 1946, while standing near the Mount of Olives, he had been awakened to the integrality of the land and people of Israel to the Bible, and consequently to himself as a Bible-believing Christian.

As he described it, he realized that
"geographically, the Bible is set in the land of Israel; historically, its theme is the people of Israel," Detached from this geographical context, countless historical and prophetic passages of Scripture were "meaningless."

The Destiny of Israel and the Church he writes: "Christians from Gentile backgrounds owe their entire spiritual inheritance to Israel.  One appropriate way for them to acknowledge their indebtedness is to stand by Israel in the midst of their present pressures, and to uphold them with faithful intercession."

Dr. Prince saw that the anti-G-D forces in the world, including Islam, were being used to push Christians and Jews closer together after centuries of animosity and persecution.  While many Israelis and Jews in the United States have commented recently on the strength of support for Israel that exists today in the Evangelical Christian world, especially since the outbreak of the Oslo War (Al-Aqsa intifada) Dr. Prince noted back in 1982 that:
"The State of Israel is beginning to realize that its firmest and most influential friends today are found among Bible-believing Christians worldwide."

ISRAEL THE WATERSHED - Dr. Prince believed that the restored nation of Israel was a watershed, a line of separation between nations, and that G-D would judge nations on whether they stood with His restoration purposes for Israel,  or opposed them. 
"Rulers and nations will determine their own destiny by how they respond to what G-D does for Israel,"  he wrote. "G-D has revealed clearly in His Word that He intends to restore Israel, and that He requires all other nations to cooperate with His purpose.  Any nation that rejects the revelation of G-D's Word has,  in effect, rejected G-D Himself, and must suffer the consequences."

According to a close friend of Dr. Prince's  who spoke during the funeral service Friday, U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, (R-KS),  had visited the then ill-weakened man in his Jerusalem home about six weeks ago, and asked him how he understood what was happening in the world today.  Struggling to get the words out,  Dr. Prince had finally managed to answer:
"G-D is restoring Israel. And G-D is judging the nations."

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[If ever a soul had a heart for a land or a people,  it was this greatly beloved man of G-D.  Derek Prince stood a mighty and stead-fast intercessor for Israel, calling forth the promises of G-D concerning His Chosen People.  He was also that faithful "watchman upon the walls" for the sake of Zion, believing that "... the set time, the time to favor her had come".  His inspired writings and teachings regarding G-D's love and purposes for Israel and for the Church have proven a great blessing to countless many through-out the world, including myself.  G-D had raised up a true son of Israel in Brother Prince, one who had committed his life in service to our Heavenly King.  I am eternally grateful for the valuable legacy he has left behind!   --   Eva, International Wall of Prayer].
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