by Gary Bauer
November 2003

Dear Friend,

I typically look at Gary Bauer's End of Day Report (available at
OurAmericanValues.org).  He is a particularly astute observer
of affairs in Israel, as well as our own country.  On the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), he wrote a piece so sensitive, so
eloquent, and of such common sense, that I simply could not have said it better myself.  So here's his "Special Report" in its

Zola Levitt

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Israeli port city of Haifa on the Jewish Sabbath before Yom Kippur when evil struck
again.  In a split second, a crazed female jihadist exploded her deadly cargo and 20 people died instantly, while dozens more
were gravely wounded.  The site of the blast was a popular restaurant, Maxim's jointly owned by Israeli Arab Christians and
Jews.  Three generations of one family were destroyed as they sat at their table breaking bread.  At least five Israeli children
were among the dead.

Later that day, I received a phone call at home from a prominent American-born Israeli, who was beside himself with grief and
anger.  He was angry at the jihadists who continue to break with all the rules of civilization in their obsession to kill Jews.  And
he was angry at the US government that continues to browbeat Israel into restraining itself. 
"Israelis love America," he said. 
"We don't want to irritate or anger the White House.  But what are we suppose to do?"

Coincidentally, on Saturday morning, The Washington Post featured Colin Powell on the front page making it clear in an
interview that the US was looking for ways to punish Israel because plans for the security fence were going forward.  This
follows our warnings to Israel last week to not touch a hair on the head of chief terrorist Yasser Arafat.  This morning several
papers are reporting that the President called Prime Minister Sharon to express condolences, but also urged him not to further
heighten tensions.  I pray those reports are inaccurate.
Instead of telling our friend and ally to hold back while fresh graves
are being dug for their children, we should be telling them that we now realize the folly of asking them to do what we would
never do:   bargain with terrorists in the vain hope it will bring peace.

Late last night, the media had managed to track down the family of the homicidal bomber.  What that family said should be a
slap in the face of reality to every State Department bureaucrat.  There was no grief expressed -- only joy. 
"This is a day as
happy as her day of marriage would have been,"
said one man.  Get it?  Killing Jews was the greatest accomplishment of her
life.  It was a joyous occasion to be compared to marriage!  It was the fulfillment of her jihad Islamic responsibilities.

Does anyone in the US government know whether this incredibly warped evil mindset is embraced by a thousand, ten
thousand, or a million Palestinians?  Polling shows it is a worldview broadly embraced in the West Bank.  So where are
"Road Maps" to peace supposed to end anywhere else but in hell if these are the inhabitants of the Palestinian state that is
supposed to live side-by-side in peace with Israel?

Syria ran to the United Nations yesterday to get a resolution to condemn the Israeli response, a 3:00 AM attack on an empty
terrorist camp in Syria that resulted in two people being wounded.  In a functioning UN, Syria -- with blood dripping from its
hands -- would have been run out of the chamber by the civilized world.  The US threatened to veto any resolution that
condemned Israel unless it also condemned homicide bombers.  Every member of the Security Council passionately condemned
the air strike -- the same countries that shrugged 24 hours before when the bodies of broken families were being removed from
the restaurant.

There will be no peace for Israel or for America or for any of the civilized world until this jihadism is defeated.  It can't be
bribed, reasoned with, or controlled by the diplomatic maneuverings.  It must be rooted out and destroyed, just as Nazism was
after a long struggle at great cost.
Our enemies are betting that neither America nor Israel will have the staying power to do
what has to be done.  G-D help us if they are right.
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