by Victor Mordecai,
As I travel around the US on the lecture circuit, I perceive an increased apathy in both Jewish and Christian circles with regard
to the rise of Islam throughout the world.  It seems that President Bush has everything under control with the global war on
terrorism.  The prevailing attitude is
"Let the government handle it.  We're off to the mall."

Indeed, the American economy is rebounding, and it is human nature to prefer the comfort zone rather than worry about the
spread of Islamic fundamentalism around the world.  But it's happening right here in America. 
Saudi Arabia is spreading Islam
by "peaceful" means in the way of new mosques, control of American banks, corporations, and the media.

Worse, Iran and Saudi Arabia are seeking the Islamic Bomb --
nuclear weapons to threaten the very existence of Israel. It's no
secret that despite Iran's offer to cooperate with inspections at its nuclear sites, it is using subterfuge to hide its plans to attain
the atomic bomb.  Saudi Arabia is seeking to obtain Pakistani nuclear warheads for its arsenal of CSS-2 Chinese-made ballistic missiles.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia is increasing PR efforts in the US to present itself as an ally in the war against terrorism, while
in truth, its own rigid Islamic schools are largely responsible for fomenting that terror.
Christians cannot build churches in Saudi
Arabia, but the Saudis are building mosques in the West, trying to convert Americans and Britons to Islam, and, of course,
delegitimizing Israel.
Nevertheless, the Bush administration speaks highly of "our Saudi allies."

I really pray that I am wrong, but is may take another 9/11 type incident for people to come out of their stupor in the US.  A
similar attack in Europe could also take place, especially in allied countries such as England, Spain, or Italy.  But I am afraid that
the next Islamic terrorist incident will make 9/11 pale to comparison, according to a promise by Osama bin Laden.

Though all Bible believers know to Whom is the victory, we cannot wait for the G-D of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to do
We all have a responsibility to be on the alert to inform others, to pray, and to stand against satan as he rears his
ugly head against Israel and Western civilization.
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