by Rabbi Eliezer Waldman - Rosh Yeshivat Kiryat Arba
3 Shvat 5764 - January 26, 2004
Rav Waldman@Nircollege.org
Over the last few weeks we have been immersed in Torah portions relating the saga of yetziat Mitzraim, the redemption of the
Jewish people from Egyptian slavery.  Our lives today are in fact proceeding in parallel with our ancestors' lives in this process
of redemption.  We are adhering to the directives of our sages in the Mishna instructing us that each Jewish generation should
consider itself as being personally delivered from Egypt.  The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim from the root maytzarim
which means straits.  The Egyptians' wicked intention was to keep Jewish life in virtual strait jackets, restricting their every
move, in addition to malicious decrees designed to suppress the eternal existence of the Jewish people.  In every generation, the
G-D of Israel delivers His people from the powers of evil eager to carry on and improve upon the wicked intentions of the
Egyptians.  So our sages consider each generation's  struggle against adversity as having lived through the original Redemption
of Israel from Egypt.  Similarly, the present awakening of anti-Semitism is to be understood in the same vein as those ancient
Egyptian decrees.

Today, these evil plans are being directed against the independent State of Israel and our rights to our homeland.  This
villainous plan, globally orchestrated and incited by the "United" Nations, has now been channeled to the International Court
of "Justice" at the Hague.  The only common bond uniting the members of the UN is the hatred for the Jewish State of Israel.
The only just cause recognized by the court at the Hague is that which serves the interests of the judges and their countries.
These judges have no moral authority to impose judicial rulings upon Israel, the only democratic entity in the Middle East.
We therefore have no obligation to appear before this mock court with its pre-determined decisions.

How should an authentic Jewish leadership confront this situation?  The G-D of Israel guided Moses as how to achieve the
divine goal of the deliverance of our people from Egyptian slavery. 
In Shmot 7:26, Moses confronts Pharaoh saying "Thus
saith the L-RD:  Let My people go that they may serve Me."
The only way for a courageous leader to confront the evil of
those who seek to condemn the independence of a Jewish State and deligitimize the existence of a Jewish People in Eretz
Yisrael, is by speaking the truth.  Moses spoke the truth to Pharaoh which eventually resulted in the redemption of Israel from
Egypt.  This same guidance is given to us by Rashi at the beginning of the Book of Bereishit, explaining why the Torah began
with details of the creation of the universe instead of beginning with
mitzvot. The Torah begins with a description of the
creation of heaven and earth by G-D so that if the nations will claim that we have taken the land of other peoples, our response
must be,
"All the world belongs to the Creator and He gave it to whom He chose, the Children of Israel." The essence of
renewing Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael is not only a matter of security but complying with the divine W-rds of G-D to our
ancestors in
Bereishit 17:8 "And I will give the land to you and your descendants as an everlasting possession."

Thank G-D there are Jewish leaders who speak the truth.  Just two weeks ago, it was refreshing to hear this divine truth
expressed clearly and courageously at our massive Tel Aviv demonstration.  That evening, I felt the truth of Eretz Yisrael
erupted with full force in front of the eyes of the leaders of Israel and the entire world.
This spiritual volcano which may seem
dormant in the routine, everyday life in Israel, exploded like colorful fireworks.  This explosion revealed the forces of love,
devotion, faith and determination inherent in the Jewish People who have returned to build our homeland.  This devotion draws
its strength from the faith displayed by all generations in the divine heritage of Eretz Yisrael. 

For several decades during this Zionist process of restoring Jewish life to Judea and Samaria, many so called "peace" plans
have been proposed by both friend and foe. All these plans have been eliminated from the annals of history upon colliding
with the divine plan of Jewish Redemption.  These sinister plans included the vile idea of retreating to 1967 borders and
eradicating Jewish settlements from the heartland of Israel in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.  The process of restoring Jewish life
and rebuilding our ancient towns and cities must go forward and can never be reversed.   The essential vitality of Jewish life
in Israel cannot be frozen. 
The truth and justice of the divine promise of the Land of Israel to the Children of Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob cannot be denied.

With all force of Jewish faith and Zionist history I turn to our leaders and proclaim:
Speak the truth".  The blessings of our
ancestors will serve as inspiration, giving you the strength and determination to overcome all evil conspirators and their
distortions of our divine truth.
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