by The Associated Press, The Courier Journal,  Louisville, KY 
February 21, 2004
PADUCAH, KY. - Vandals caused an estimated  $ 2,000  in damage to Temple Israel in Paducah, police said.

A custodian arrived at the temple Thursday morning and found it spray-painted with "Jews must die," swastikas, profane
messages and gang symbols.

Paducah detective Sgt. Brandon Barnhill said yesterday that police haven't identified a suspect or determined a motive. 
"Obviously it looks like hatred to us," he said.

Police were studying various symbols and cryptic slogans for clues, Barnhill said.  No other houses of worship in the
community reported similar vandalism, and Barnhill said police have not identified any anti-Semitic groups active in the

"It's kind of a mystery," he said. 

A police report detailed the damage to the building's north side and sidewalk area, and estimated the damage at $ 2,000.

Congregation president Francis Cooper said the vandals got their message across.

"It makes you feel frightened," she said.  "I'm really surprized because I don't look at people as having this dark side....  It's
just a few misguided people, I would say, who would do something like this."

"I've always felt like the community of Paducah is a community that would never do anything like that.  There's not alot of
anti-Semitism in this community.  We're very well supported by other faiths."

Services will continue as normal, Cooper said.

Barnhill said police will increase patrols around the temple and other locations as a precaution.

The temple was founded in 1860.
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