by Ruth and Nadia Matar, Women in Green, March 23, 2004
One has to search in vain among our present Jewish Leadership for someone who believes and is faithful to what is written in the
Bible.  The latest pronouncement of Netanyahu is very typical of secular leadership and its thinking.  He has set conditions before
he would approve of Sharon's plan to uproot Jews from the Promised Land.
Netanyahu does not take seriously the words of the Prophet Ezekiel that no Jewish Leader is permitted to relinquish the inheritance of the entire Jewish People [Ezekiel 46:18].  The inheritance of the Jewish People is not Sharon's or Netanyahu's to give away.  Every inch of this Promised Land, belongs to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that is the entire Jewish People, whether living in Israel or outside of the Holy Land.

Sharon can decide to give his farm that he has acquired during his lifetime, to both or either of his sons; or to anyone else.  But he
cannot decide to give up the Land promised to the Jewish People by the Almighty.  That Promise is an integral aspect of the
Jewish Law, and is an eternal inheritance.  No generation, and no Jewish Government in a Jewish State has the right, or the
authority to bind present or future generations of the Jewish People with regard to parting with any portion of this inheritance.

Ben Gurion stated these crucial facts back in 1933 to an International Zionist gathering in Basel.  Sadly, he later was pressured to
change this view.  Unfortunately, that occurs when secular leaders lack knowledge of what is required of them by the Torah.  Ben
Gurion was a serious student of the Bible, but he was not religious, nor did he possess the necessary faith in the L-RD's Promises.
Subsequent leaders of the Jewish People in Israel have also been secular.  When pressured, they fully succumbed.  They did not
possess the strength and belief in Jewish Law, which is part and parcel of every religious and Bible-believing Jew.  No matter
what the pressure, or the source of such pressure, no matter what is demanded of him, a believing Jew will not go against Jewish
Law, nor defy the Will of G-D.  Believing in the Bible, and the L-RD's repeated Promises to the Jewish People, he will never waiver.

Their faith and belief in G-D has preserved the Jewish People down through the ages.  They had a related belief, a belief in Jewish
Destiny.  Secularization has worked havoc with these fundamental values.  Trust in G-D's Will, has always been characteristic of
the Jewish People.  Even the disastrous Holocaust, followed as it was by the rebirth of Israel, carried with it an important message
for religous Jews: Zion was being reborn out of the ashes of Auschwitz.  With the miraculous return to Zion, Jewish Destiny was
being fulfilled.  Those who objectively witnessed this awesome event, saw that the Hand of G-D was directly involved.

The Jewish People desperately need to cast off the yoke of secular leadership, and return to their basic faith and belief in the One
G-D of this universe.  Their faith in the Promised Land as a Holy Land must be restored.  The glory and pride in being Jewish,
that once existed for the Jewish People during the days of the Psalmist King David, can and must reign in the reborn Land of Israel.  We first must rid ourselves from secular leadership, and restore G-D and His Prophets to their rightful place in our everyday life.  Amen.  Selah!
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