by Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center
From: Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
March 30, 2004

Now we have the proof, and we should be thankful for Dr. Rantisi, Hamas new leader's clarity:  that Allah - many times
wrongly translated as 'G-D' - is not the G-D of the Bible, nor the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Allah is another diety,
one who drinks blood as water, who loves jihad and terror, and promises virgins in his so-called paradise to those who kill
Jews - the more the better.

This Allah has nothing, nothing to do with the G-D of the Bible.  And no matter how many times the muezzins shout out that
Allah hu ahbar - 'our Allah is greater' - the G-D of Israel remains infinitely greater and is the only true and living G-D and
Creator, a G-D of love to be worshipped as the Creator of us all. 

So Dr. Rantisi's declaration that Allah (not G-D!) has declared war on President bush and Prime Minister Sharon, and thus on
the U.S. and on Israel, is strangely revealing.  Every intelligent believer already knows that this evil bloodthirsty 'god' has, like
Amalek, a war for generations against the only true G-D and His chosen and elected people.  What's new?

But let no one, and I repeat - no one - from henceforth translate Allah into G-D.  It's pure nonsense.

Allah is the god of terrorists; Hizb'allah, the party of this god.  So, if Allah were the same as the only true G-D, then He would
be fighting for his own people, the Jews who, in accordance with His eternal promise, He has brought back to His own land as
promised again and again in His Word to do.

Allah, if he was the only true G-D , is making war against a President who begins his day with prayer and the reading of the
Bible, and who believes in and loves G-D.

How ridiculous can one be?

So now President Bush and the whole enlightened and believing western world knows.  Allah and his jihad-centered and terrorist-
championing religion has declared war on Israel and the U.S.  In this fallen and decadent world, these nations are the last strong-
holds of the Judeo-Christian values inspired by the only true and living G-D.  And these are the strongholds that need to be
terrorized into submission to the teaching of ISLAM by the will of this bloodthirsty deity, Allah!

When Christians earnestly prayed in England and elsewhere to be delivered during the second world war from the terrible
scourge of Nazism - G-D used the U.S. led Allied forces to bring victory on the Continent over this beastly power.  So too,
now, we as believers need to earnestly pray that G-D will again deliver us from this equally dangerous power, and cause leaders
to arise, especially in the West, who like Churchill and Roosevelt, will vanquish this Evil Force!

May the true G-D - the G-D of Israel - have mercy upon us!
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