by Bill Sutter, The Friends of Israel
If you were to shop in Norway today, you would see all Israeli products clearly identified.  They are being
singled out not to make them easier to purchase, but to make them easier to boycott.

One of the strategies of Israel's enemies involves organized boycotts of Israeli products.  And, unfortunately
these efforts are weakening the already strained economy of the Jewish State.  Traditionally, Europe has been
Israel's largest market for exported goods.  But as boycotts spread throughout the continent, the picture is

Germany is canceling orders with Israeli firms, and France, Belgium, and other European countries are in-
creasingly hostile not only to the State of Israel but also to their own Jewish citizens.

Israel's enemies say, "Boycott Israel."  We say, "Shop Israel!"

The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce (200 S. Broad St., Suite 700, Philadelphia, PA  19102, Tel:
215-790-3722) is serving as a catalyst for business between the US and Israel.  One of the Chamber's
projects has been to sponsor Mitzvah Malls (also known as "Shop Israel Programs").  The tourism industry
has virtually collapsed in Israel, so the Chamber arranges for groups of Israeli merchants to come to stra-
tegic locations throughout the US to set up one and two day "malls" to sell their goods.

If you do not live near a Shop Israel event, you can buy Israeli consumer goods online by visiting
http://www.export.org.il, http://www.Shopinisrael.com, or http://www.USAIsrael.org.  If you want to send
flowers, try
http://www.Aleidafna.co.il. Also, as you patronize the stores where you usually shop, make it
known that you want to buy Israeli-made goods.

Businessmen can review their inventories to see what might be purchased from Israel.  Distributors can add
Israeli products to their lines.  There is even a Kibbutz in Israel that specializes in making church pews.

"... I will bless them that bless thee" (Gen. 12:3)  -- Zola
LEVITT LETTER - Volume 25, Number 12, Page 28, December 2003
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