by Ruth Matar, Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) , May 10, 2004
Dear Friends,

When Sharon first announced his Gaza disengagement plan, we went on a day of tree planting, to demonstrate our faith that the communities of Gush Katif would always remain in Gaza  For some three months, I have been recuperating from ankle fractures suffered when leading one of the buses Women in Green brought to Gush Katif.  It has been a slow recovery, and I have really missed communicating with you all.  Hopefully, with G-D's help, I will now be able to again send you a letter from Jerusalem
each week.

I read with great interest a report that appeared in the Jerusalem Post, that our American Christian Zionist friends intend to hold
a referendum, patterned after the recent referendum of the Likud Party.  The referendum will deal with the provocative question
of whether there should be another Arab State within Biblical Israel.  President Bush has been proposing the Road Map Plan, along with the EU, UN and Russia.
The Road Map is in open defiance of the Promise the L-RD made to the Jewish People, as
set forth in the Bible.

The proposed Christian Zionist referendum could not come at a more important time.  President Bush will be standing for re-
election this coming November, one of the crucial issues he faces at that time is his policy towards Israel, as represented by the
Road Map.
Bible believing Christians generally agree that the Road Map is a reward for terrorism.  Moreover, President Bush
has not as yet recognized that the Road Map is essentially a Saudi Arabian plan for Israel, which threatens Israel's very existence.
In addition, the Moslem threat to the Judeo-Christian values held by Western Civilization is very real, and its spread and threat
must be taken seriously by President Bush.

When President Bush finally recognizes the strong opposition against the Road Map by his American Christian Zionist constituency, upon whose support his re-election largely depends, he may well abandon his support of the Saudi Road Map.
He also must take seriously the fact that Saudi Arabia is not America's true friend, and its Moslem values are in direct conflict
with those held by Christian America.

We, in Jerusalem, therefore, look forward to the results of the upcoming Christian Zionist referendum, with great anticipation,
and fervently pray for its success.  Israel views such a referendum in a very positive light, since it is a fulfillment of Biblical
promises, and is in fact a reaffirmation of the strong beliefs of the founding fathers of American Democracy.
Their strong belief
in the Bible, which continue to this very day in the Christian Zionist communities, has made, and continues to make America
a light unto the nations.
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