by Gary Bauer, End of Day Report
Weeks ago, I alerted you to a simmering U.N. "oil for food" scandal about ready to boil over.  Today, investigative hearings will be held on Capitol Hill to dig into the details.  But we already know this much:  Saddam Hussein used
the U.N. administered oil for food program that was supposed to provide humanitarian aid to Iraqi children, as a
giant slush fund.  Between 1997 and 2002 the program generated $67 billion.
Tens of billions of dollars of that money went to build palaces, fund terrorists and line the pockets of companies and politicians in France, Russia and around the world. Meanwhile, Iraqi children died and left-wing demonstrators around the world blamed the United States.  We also know that U.N. bureaucrats were on the take, with some reports suggesting the corruption even included Kofi Annan's son!  No wonder President Bush couldn't convince the U.N. to enforce its own resolu-tions -- some U.N. officials were too busy laughing all the way to the bank.

By the way, the media completely missed the story.  Years of corruption and bribery and not one enterprising
reporter managed to unearth it. 
The scandal didn't become public until U.S. forces liberated Baghdad and the damning information was found.
LEVITT LETTER - JULY VOL 1, 2004 - Pg. 10
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