by IMRA, July 14, 2004
Aliyah is the primary goal of my Government.  Encouraging Aliyah and abosorbing olim is the foundation for the future of the
Jewish people.  Israel is the only place in the world where it is possible for Jews to fully live as Jews.  Only here, every Jew can
be sure that his children and grandchildren will be Jews, forever.

Today when you leave this airport, you take your first steps towards your new lives in the Jewish homeland.  You have taken
the opportunity to fulfill your birthright and play your part in Israeli society.

By coming here, you have sent a strong message to the world that Israel is, and always will be, the eternal homeland for the
Jewish people.

I know that this was not an easy decision, and you will face many challenges here.  But I can promise you that we will do
everything we can to help you on this journey home.

I have faith in you, the State of Israel is behind you, and the Jewish people are counting on you. 
We need you here more than

Welcome home; your 2000 years of wandering have finally come to an end.

And again, I would like to thank you for being with us here.  We need you.  We have to bring hundreds of thousands of Jews
from American to Israel.  We need them here.  It is important for you, it is important for us.  It is important for the Jews all
around the world.  It is important for Israel.

Again, thank you so much, and you are most welcome. 

Thank you.
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis
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