The News Enterprise [Associated Press], Elizabethtown, KY - July 29, 2004
TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) --  Just 10 days after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon enraged French leaders by urging France's Jews
to leave for Israel, a group of 200 French Jews arrived to start a new life in the Jewish state, with Sharon at the airport to greet

Emerging from the plane, immigrants sang
"Heveinu Shalom Aleichem," or "we bring peace to you," a traditional Hebrew song of greeting.  The group included 50 children and 55 university students, according to Jewish Agency, the body that deals with
immigration in Israel.

France is widely viewed in Israel as biased in favor of the Palestinians.  The French Jewish community -- at 600,000 the third-
largest in the world -- tends to be strongly pro-Israel, creating friction with a Muslim population of almost 5 million.
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